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Owen uses his first hand experiences to his advantage writing the poem Exposure about the First World War.

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Owen uses his first hand experiences to his advantage writing the poem "exposure" about the first world war. In this poem, Owen incorporates imagery of the battlefield and the theme of silence to as a revelation of the realities of the war and at the same time personifying the tortures the soldiers encounter. His feelings towards the war also surfaces int he poem where he depicts the war as useless and insignificant through the use of the structure and literary techniques. He uses his experiences to provoke the readers emotions and thoughts. The influence of God on the battlefield is also another significant factor contributing to his captivating influence on the reader. Owen starts of the poem with the portrayal of the settings of the scene in the soldiers perspective. ...read more.


This would evoke pity in the reader, getting him or her to sympathize with what the soldiers have to face physically and emotionally on the battlefield. In stanza 6, Owen brings about a slight happy moment in the lines where 'crickets that jingle' and 'innocent mice rejoicing.' This happens when the soldiers are dozing and in their dreams they think about their home and the happy life they had before the war. This stanza acts as contrasts between the soldiers' good times at home and their misery during the war emphasizing the miseries and the suffering the soldiers are facing. In the poem, Owen also shows how he feels as though the war is redundant starting with the line "What are we doing here?" ...read more.


It continues with the idea that the soldiers fear God's order and love because he has permitted their condition to come about. They are therefore not reluctant to die as many of them will that night. Owen leaves us with the horrifying image of a shivering group of soldiers burying their half-recognized comrades.This provokes emotions in the reader as since this is the last stanza it would stamp a torturous image in the readers mind about the the physical and emotional tortures the soldiers are facing. In Conclusion, it is clear that Owen attempts to present a more realistic portrayal of war, from the perspective of an person who has endured it. His poetry is combined with a profound depth of emotion as he laments and mourns those who lost their lives and attempts to portray the devastating consequences of war, as he perceived them through his own experiences. Exposure Essay Exposure Essay ...read more.

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