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Paralysis Essay. Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome was published during 1911. Zeena's cousin Maddie Silver, made a new spark in Ethan Frome's life by caring and loving him,

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Erica Qiao Period 4 IBENG 11 12/15/11 Escaping Paralyzed Money Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome was published during 1911. Zeena's cousin Maddie Silver, made a new spark in Ethan Frome's life by caring and loving him, Ethan started want to leave his wife Zeena Frome. At last, they loved each other so much that Maddie got paralyzed and Ethan can barley walk. James Joyce's Dubliners was published after Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome, 1914, the first short story was The Sisters. The young boy's friend Father Flynn had three strokes and finally died. This made the young boy felt free and paralyzed. Paralysis is a impairment of voluntary movement in a body part. Everyone needs something to live with, other then people would think that life was just a waste of time. Escaping from something, does not mean the outside is ugly, the inside always reflects out the outside part. Something always can make you feel paralyzed, it maybe the thing that you just wanted or it maybe just yourself. Everyone in life may seemed to be crushed by unforeseen circumstances and the realization of poverty this may also be paralysis. Money has always been a problem for Ethan and Zeena throughout their life. ...read more.


In Ethan Frome, money made everyone paralyzed, without money Ethan and Maddie used the power of love to do the smash-up, which ended by Maddie being paralyzed and Ethan walking with a broken leg and letting Zeena's mind be also paralyzed by Ethan's reaction. Ethan is paralyzed, money is paralyzed, the snow is paralyzed, everything is rotting in Starkfield. Escaping mean fear and afraid to step on the next stone in life, paralysis makes you can't even escape. After the three strokes that Father Flynn had, he died. This made the young boy feel free and quiet. Old Cotter was discussing about Father Flynn with the young boy's uncle and aunt, the young boy felt paralyzed, he could not talk. He thought if he went to sleep then everything would become better, but he was wrong. "It was late when I fell asleep. Though I was angry with old Cotter for alluding to me as a child, I puzzled my head to extract meaning from his unfinished sentences. In the dark of my room I imagined that I saw again the heavy grey face of the paralytic. I drew the blankets over my head and tried to think of Christmas. ...read more.


She seemed to be somewhat disappointed at my refusal and went over quietly to the sofa where she sat down behind her sister. No one spoke: we all gazed at the empty fireplace. "(7/8-14) This is after the young boy went and looked at the smiling priest in his coffin. His aunt wanted him to wat some cream crackers, but he was afraid to break the quiet sound in the room, so he declined her. "No one spoke: we all gazed at the empty fireplace.", here we can see a paralytic silence image, this is a flashback to the young boys night, which had no hope of sounds that can help him escape from the priest's smile. Everyone is trying to escape from something, but they need that "something" to live. The word paralysis does not need to be physically shown that you cannot move certain part of you body, it could be something that you can't move or control. The escaping paralyzed money will never be escaped and will be paralyzed by money. Try to live your life without the objects you think you need, nobody needs anything, its just you feel like you need those for a good future. No, its wrong, you can change your paralyzed life and you can change you life into paralyzed too. ...read more.

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