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Reflective Statement: Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress

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2. - In the world view, is the work more hopeful or pessimistic. The physical and emotional effects of Luo and the narrator?s slim 0.3% chance of returning home had a profound impact on the novel. They feel especially pessimistic because, chances are they are going to live out the rest of their lives on Phoenix Mountain. Their physical and emotional strain is well communicated throughout the book in their problems with depression and insomnia. The irony in the book when Luo tries to re-educate the little seamstress is that he himself is trying to be re-educated himself. ...read more.


They then give names to all of these shapes is the only life they have ever known. The second part to this is one of the prisoners is released from the cave and allowed out. This prisoner at first is dazed and cannot see much, but then his eyes adjust. After a few days he has been enlightened and his perception of reality has been changed. If he were to return to the cave, missing his old life, but when he is there and isn?t accustomed to the darkness anymore and can?t make the shapes out wouldn?t he be made fun of? ...read more.


If she were to go back to the village and talk to them about her new ideas (went back in to the cave) and Luo was to try and convince the others to read books and learn about Western culture (to leave the cave). They would most likely severely punish him, even kill him. In this point of view is the novel is very pessimistic as there is no hope as for other young intellectuals like Luo and the Narrator to teach the villagers and farmers that only know the life in Mao?s communist China. ...read more.

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