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The central theme of the play "A Dolls House" is servitude. Servitude is demonstrated first through the main character Nora.

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The central theme of the play A Doll's House is servitude. Servitude is demonstrated first through the main character Nora. At the time, women were supposed to meet they're social obligations, in which they were only allowed to support their husband's reputation, take care of their children and make sure the house was perfect. Males on the other hand have the role of decision making and taking on politics and work. Nora in this case has no money, and her financial dependence is placed on her husband Torvald. Before marrying Torvald, her financial dependence was placed on her father. Therefore Nora has an economic servitude. ...read more.


At all the beauty that belongs to no one but me- that's all my very own?" The main metaphor used in this play is through the title. As the doll represents Nora, she has no control within the house and is used as a toy that Torvald plays with. The title portrays the entire situation that Nora is placed in. The scenery of the title is demonstrated with the house being what Torvald provides for Nora and the children, which is similar to what a person would do for their dolls. Nora is well aware of what society expects from women, though she continues to act from her own thoughts despite them. ...read more.


Linde and Krogstad. Mrs. Linde is a widow with full independence. She seeks a job in order to help her financial crisis. Krogstad like Nora also has an economic servitude. He is a widow with five children. Krogstad committed the same crime Nora did; only that his crime was known to society and therefore he has a reputation that is frowned upon during that era. When Torvald was made bank manager, he was determined to fire Krogstad from the bank. Losing his job would cause his reputation to only become worse. This decision of firing Krogstad leads him to blackmailing Nora into corrupting her reputation. A Doll's house's central theme which is servitude criticized society's view of women and marriage. Ibsen used Nora to illustrate society's expectations of women and marriage. Her decision to leave is a critical view of society. ...read more.

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