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The clash of conflict between societal morality and individual ethics in A Dolls House and Antigone.

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The clash of conflict between societal morality and individual ethics in A Doll's House and Antigone Should one be guided by the man-made laws or the individual laws? This quandary is one of the main aspects of many literary works. In Antigone, written by Jean Anouilh and A Doll House, written by Henrik Ibsen this dilemma is addressed. Should Antigone and Nora follow the rules made by society or should they follow their own edicts? Both the plays have highlighted the conflict between societal morality and individual ethics. The presence of this conflict in one's mind not only shapes the character in both the plays but also the paths that the character chooses by the end of the plays. Therefore by analyzing the presences of the conflict between societal morality and individual ethics, one can gain the insight of what the writer is trying to convey to the audience. This paper will compare the conflict arising between societal morals and individual ethics in both the plays. In Antigone, the female protagonist Antigone believes that individual laws hold a high reverence than the societal laws. ...read more.


And the laws that do not obey to this are "very bad laws."15 Moreover, during the completion of the play, Nora's ideas of Individual ethics emphasized the most. Nora decides to "leave"16 Torvald because she believes that the "most sacred duties"17 are "duties to her."18 She believes that "first and foremost she is a human being"19 than "a wife and mother."20 And the fact that towards the end she chooses her own rights and forbids the societal law shows that she strongly believes that individual ethics hold a high reverence in Nora's life. On the contrary, Creon in Antigone and Torvald in A Doll House are guided by societal laws. Creon is the male protagonist in Antigone; he is guided by the societal laws as he is the King of Thebes. Creon believes that civil law is above all law. Creon imposed an edict that Polynices should not be given a proper burial because he is considered as a traitor of Thebes. Creon felt that if a person acted against the state he or she loses the right to live. This clearly shows that Creon does not believe in individual ethics. ...read more.


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