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The poem Wind, written in free verse by Ted Hughes describes a storm passing above a house on the countryside

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Rodolfo Martinez The poem Wind, written in free verse by Ted Hughes describes a storm passing above a house on the countryside, through the night and day. The intention of the author was to simply contrast how fragile are humans and objects against the strength of nature. The main themes in this poem are the flow of time, linked to the tone in the poem and the personality of a natural force, in this case the wind. The tone of the poem is tense at the beginning and end, at night-time since the strength of the wind is so great the reader does not know at which point it will destroy everything. Although in the middle verses the tone is calm, when it is daytime. ...read more.


The whole environment is personified by the author through a couple more images, at first the wind and then the landscape. At night the ?winds (were) stampeding? through the fields and at day the ?stones cry out?, here the wind is put and seen in power of nature itself and of course humans. This gives to the reader the sense that the wind is alive and powerful. The poem begins at night but shifts between the day cycle, many images of it are given to us, such as ? darkness, black, wet? to represent the night. Whereas at the day the sky is ?orange? and there is ?luminous black and emerald? but as the day continues, ?At noon?, the skyline showed a ?grimace?, an expression for pain since ?at any second to bang and vanish with a flap?. ...read more.


There is no pause between these two lines, meaning the storm kept going until the sunrise. Throughout the poem there is very little punctuation but many monosyllabic words. This is to give as much flow to the poem?s structure as possible, as well as to the meaning of it, but at the same time giving it a sense of calmness and tranquillity in the daytime. 1This can be shown by the image of the ?black- Back gull bent like an iron bar slowly? In conclusion, the poem is effective since it contrasts the power between nature and men through several images and certain diction. It develops a certain tone, depending on the time of the day. In my opinion, it conveys to the reader a sense of overwhelm by nature but at the same time calmness through the structural aspect of the poem. 580 words ...read more.

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