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The process of change is necessary for growth. I strongly agree with the statement and it is supported with the novel The Pearl written by John Steinbeck, and the prose Sky High by Hannah Roberts.

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English Speech - The process of change is necessary for growth (2:45 min-3:15 max) The process of change is necessary for growth as throughout the development something new will be learnt that will prepare us for the future; whether the change is for the better or worse it is something that everyone will go through. I strongly agree with the statement and it is supported with the novel 'The Pearl' written by John Steinbeck, and the prose 'Sky High' by Hannah Roberts. They both reflect the concept clearly and distinctly through interesting and explorative manners, engaging the reader with various techniques that allows them to adapt and compare their own experiences with the persona's journey of changing self. In the beginning of both texts, the main characters have tolerant attitudes and are both content with the current life styles that they live in. ...read more.


It also describes the persona's personality before she evolves into what is and older and more complicated version of herself. Throughout both texts, the personality and perspective of the main characters change due to specific reasons. In the novel, Kino's personality and perspective starts off content and kind-hearted. However, he then encounters a magnificent pearl which then changes his personality to a more greedy and sinister self. Juana, who is Kino's wife, also changes. At first, her character had a submissive attitude but throughout the story her character changes and has developed a sense of judgement. A technique used to show this is personification. This is evident throughout the story as Juana refers to the pearl as 'evil', 'a sin' that 'will destroy us all'. Conversely, the prose continues to describe the warm atmosphere that is present when the persona was young. ...read more.


Since she is now older, her personality and perspectives have changed. She now sees that washing line as 'aged-warped' and now has responsibilities. The sentence that tells us this is 'there are too many things tying me to the ground'. This indicates that in between the time that she was young and old alot has happened and have had a great impact on her life that has lead to what she is now. In conclusion, the process of change is necessary for growth as it will prepare us for what will come in the future. For example, for Kino, his personality has changed various times but in the end he is back where he has started off minus a few objects. . He has learnt through lost and hardship that he should be grateful for what he has for a living and should ask for nothing more. As for the persona in 'Sky High', she has now changed from young to old and has learnt that everything is still the same; it is just us that change. ...read more.

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