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The Relationships of Amir in "The Kite Runner".

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Iqra Abbasi Buglass.K ELA20-IB Rm.216 The Relationships of Amir 28/10/2011 The Kite Runner written By Khaled Hosseni is a novel, which follows the life of a young boy, Amir and his challenges through childhood. The book was made into a movie in 2007 and although it follows the story written by Khaled Hosseni there are many differences that make the book a lot better. The novel particularly focuses on the relationships Amir has with the people closest to him, which include his father, Baba, Rahim Khan, a friend and Hassan, the servant boy. Similarly, the movie also portrays the same relationship although with a very different viewpoint that questions the readers view on how the book had portrayed it. In significance, the relationship of Amir and Hassan in the book is portrayed as a distinction between classes, this is because although Amir likes Hassan, he only plays with him in secrecy and it is usually Hassan that takes the blame when they do something wrong. ...read more.


This is because the part where they hit the dog with the rock, is described in such detail in the book, however the movie briefly touches on the particular event, it does not display the relationship like it did in the book because in the book, Hassan takes the blame when Ali catches them, however in the movie, nobody tells them that it was wrong. Also the part where Hassan gets raped is shown very well, but since you don?t Amir?s point of view, the reader is left to imagine, on how Amir was feeling and why he did what he did at their reading spot. Both means of media portrayed the same relationship but the movie did not portray how significant it was to the Amir or Hassan, with everything that had occurred to make them who they are. In the same way, Amir?s relationship with those he views as friends was not the same as well. ...read more.


the movie it seemed irrelevant to include such a scene because it did not relate to their relationship just that Rahim Khan knew that something was bothering Amir. All in all, their relationship was not seen very close and personal In conclusion, the movie although similar to the book was portrayed very differently in terms of relationship and personal connections. The events that made Amir?s and Hassan relationship so strong in the book seemed very slow and irrelevant in the movie because as they did not show Amir?s view on how he felt about Hassan. Meanwhile, Amir?s relationship with Rahim Khan did not seem very close and personal in the movie although it was portrayed like a father-son relationship in the book. All in all, the movie had its goods parts where the display of culture was important, but the book was strong all the way around. Khaled Hosseni truly showed people on how life in Afghanistan for those that are not privileged and for those that are. ...read more.

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