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The sunne rising by John Donne and Shall i compare thee by William Shakespeare

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English essay 2 The sunne rising by John Donne and Shall i compare thee by William Shakespeare are two different types of poems . They both express themes ,through diction and imagery. Indeed, the literary devices used by the authors of those poems allow them to show the readers the thematic meaning of their poems. In the sunne rising , love , power and domination are expressed through images and diction. In shall i compare thee ,literary elements reveal love ,as well as reality and beauty . The sunne rising, by John Donne does not folow a definite structure or a precise form Meanwhile ,it does folow a rhyme scheme in each stanza : ABBACDCDEE. The sunne rising is a dramatic monologue of the poet , expresing his feelings towards his love .John Done first uses metaphors and comparaisons to show us how he feels about the sun.Imagery and diction contributes in many ways to the thematic meaning of the poem . First, by comparing the sun to a « sawcy pedantique wretch », he shows his superiority to it ( he defies it).When ...read more.


He describes his feelings when he says : « no season knows nor clime ,nor hours , days , months which are the rags of time » and thirdly , he explains that he and his mistress are the centre of the universe and that the world is contained in their bedrooms : « This bed thy center is ,these walls , thy spheare ». At the end of the poem , the poet aks the sun to « shine here to {them} » , as a conclusion to the realities (according to the poet) that he has explained . Finally , the poem expresses a personnal experience , decsribed by the poet .For exemple , he uses « I » to talk . The poem is about him and his feelings. The inspiration of this poem is to pretend that each of these subjective states of feeling is an objective truth .His and his mistress’s existence is seen as a microcosm .John Donne ,altough he writes about his personnal feelings , presents them as reality . ...read more.


The poet has explained that his mistress is vulnereble compared to nature but also says that he is truly in love with her and doesn’t need false comparaisons to describe her when he claims : « so long live this ,and this gives life to thee ».Both poems end on positive thoughts , expressing the love of the poets for their mistress’s , in different ways . My mistres’s eyes are nothing like the sun , the poet mocks the typical poems like the sunne rising , where the poets compare their mistres’s and feelings to unrealistic elements .This poem , like the john donne’s poem wants to be , in a way , a representation of reality as well . By comparing his mistress to nature , he shows the intensity of his love for his mistress,but in a different way then in the sunne rising : he shows his mistress that he loves his mistress the way he is , when John donne compares his feelings to unrealistic elements. The sunne rising and my mistress eyes are nothing like the sun both express intense love feelings and themes through images but using completly different methods . ...read more.

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