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Two literary works that thoroughly examine the effects of colonization are Blood Brothers by Pham Van Ky and The Sea Wall by Marguerite Duras.

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Mallie Strickland March 4, 2011 French Lit. Colonization in Blood Brothers and the Sea Wall The French had occupied Indochina, present day Vietnam, for about one hundred years in 1945. The imposing French had economic interests but disguised these interests as moral duties to humanity to civilize those who were not as civilized as they were. However, colonization had dramatic effects on both the colonized and the colonizers. Two literary works that thoroughly examine the effects of colonization are Blood Brothers by Pham Van Ky and The Sea Wall by Marguerite Duras. Through literary comparison we can discern the effects of the colonized in Blood Brothers and the effects of the colonizers in The Sea Wall. The narrator's Western influence in Blood Brothers is significant because it reveals the long term effects of colonization. ...read more.


Subtle changes in tradition also signify the effects of colonization on the colonized. The narrator's father in Blood Brothers is described as wearing "...a tunic of red and blue brocade, white trousers, a mandarin's ivory badge on his chest, a conical hat decorated with tortoise-shell and gold and surmounted by a huge silver point!" (9). After arriving ten years later, the narrator views his father's clothing, and the villagers' clothing, critically; he even states, "That world that had formed me in its womb suddenly struck me as anachronistic, illogical, ludicrous" (36). Over time, the West has wiped Eastern thinking away from the narrator and replaces it the Western view of the world. His Western view causes confusion and some resentment from some family and old friends in the village. ...read more.


(Duras 17); the propaganda posters had pictures on them "usually showed a Colonial couple, dressed in white, sitting in rocking-chairs under banana trees..." (17). People from France that decided to embark on this journey soon discovered that the promises the French government made were not what they claimed it would be. Ma, Joseph, and Suzanne illustrate the French family whose promised future was shattered and broken by the corruption in the French government and the terrible land they were allotted. Ma had lost her husband and decided to invest her savings into land and begin cultivation in order to spur profit. However, the cadastral agents failed to tell her the land she was receiving would be prone to the July floods, which would destroy any hope of growing anything. As Duras states, "...she had thrown her savings of ten years into the Pacific Ocean" (19). ...read more.

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