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Why We Fight: Military Comples

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Why Personal Freedom is So Difficult to Attain in Billy Elliot and Funny Boy Abdullah Raja 600498 December 17, 2009 Mr. Vitols ENG 2D8 Personal freedom is the confidence in oneself to ignore negative societal and familial influences in order to become an individual solely based on personal ethics and beliefs. Unfortunately, personal freedom has nearly become an extinct virtue in human beings as we are constantly being manipulated and influenced to believe what others believe. Every human has been created different and possesses unique characteristics; therefore one shouldn't try to force or try to become someone that one wasn't meant to become. The novel Funny Boy by Shyam Selvadurai and the film Billy Elliot directed by Stephen Daldry are two works of art that play upon this issue of personal freedom. The two boys, Arjie in Funny Boy and Billy in Billy Elliot live in completely different cultures and yet they're rooted down by stunningly similar gender roles, familial expectations and relationships as each boy tries to assert his personal freedom and become a unique member of society. ...read more.


Hence, Billy and Arjie try to hide their respective activities from society because they contradict the gender roles that have been laid out. Relationships in the lives of both Arjie and Billy play a huge factor in preventing as well as helping each set of individuals to achieve personal freedom. Radha Auntie's relationship with Arjie helps him to become more confident in himself and overcome Ammachi's punishments, while Billy's relationship with Mrs. Wilkinson gives him a door of opportunity to assert himself and become what he truly is capable of becoming. Furthermore, Arjie's relationship with Shehan is confusing because Arjie is exploring a new sexuality and does not know how to feel but he shares his secrets with Shehan. First he was excited and felt a strong pull towards Shehan but after the initial contact with Shehan in the storage room Arjie was quite disturbed because he felt that he had broken his family's trust. ...read more.


Thus, both Arjie's family and Billy's family become a hindrance in the path of their sons who want to achieve personal freedom because they expect their son to become only what they want them to become, not taking their son's likes and dislikes into consideration. Arjie and Billy have been forced to give up their personal freedom so that they do not become social outcasts among their own society and family. In the end only Billy is able to express his personal freedom because his father allows him to become a ballet dancer but Arjie is forced to hide his sexual desires from his parents as they move towards Canada. Even though Arjie lives in Sri Lanka and Billy lives in England, they are connected through the common hardships of gender roles, relationships and family expectations. In conclusion, they're personal freedom becomes a way for them to grow as individuals and experience the hardships of life and the difficulty society has in accepting differences. Word Count: 993 ?? ?? ?? ?? 2 ...read more.

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