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World Lit Comparative Essay Miramar,Wonderful Fool

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English Comparative Alwin 11A Word Count : 1309 "Characters moving from a traditional to a contemporary environment with independence, not acceptant and innocence change the stereotypes that are imposed on them" People act towards a newcomer in their society by looking down upon them. in Wonderful Fool by Shusaku Endo and Miramar by Naguib Mahfouz, conflicts are caused because of they way the newcomers are treated. In both books assumptions and expectations were established for the newcomers and if they failed to meet the locals' expectations, they are often being stereotyped and ignored. In Endo's Wondeful Fool, the newcomer is Gaston, who acts as an idiot in crucial situations but is portrayed as a Christ-like figure for his honesty and non violent acts to stop conflicts. In Mahofuz's Miramar, the newcomer is Zohra, a servant girl in the Pension Miramar who hails from a village in Egypt that still honors the traditional values of Egypt, where women had no say for their future. During each of their journeys, both characters overcame the stereotypes that were imposed on them through their innocence, independence and not acceptant. With their attitudes, they proved how society underestimated their potential. Being independent is a way to fight through troubles in both books. Being independent means that a person's decision should not be influenced by outsiders' opinions. ...read more.


He is an embarrassment because he does not live up to the hurried expectations people have of him and acts idiotically. But, Gaston does not try to fit in with everybody else in the society and does not accept the view that people live differently in many ways2. Instead of trying to seek acceptance within him self, Gaston tries to change the bad in everybody and tries to improve lives of those who are on the decline in Society such as Endo. Gaston's Christ like approaches made people consider him more than a regular idiotic fool. Tomoe, who first thought Gaston was a silly person, now thought of Gaston as a special fool, as evident by the quote " He is not a fool. Or if he is, he's a Wonderful Fool"3. Likewise in Wonderful Fool being not acceptant is embodied by how Gaston dislikes another person's way of life and tries to improve the person's life. In Miramar, it is shown by how one dislikes their life and tries to improve their own life. Zohra was not satisfied by her village life and took the initiative to pursue an education for a better future. Like Gaston, Zohra did not seek to fit in with everybody else in the Pension. ...read more.


Coming from a traditional village society where man controlled her life, Zohra had no evil intentions when she migrated to the city, all she wanted was to make a living and escape the situation she had to face in her village4. But, unlike Gaston, Zohra shows how her patience has limits and her emotions spill over to the conflict between Sarhan al-Behiery and his girlfriend, Safeya5. She is in fact a character who jumps into a life revolved around manipulation, betrayal, sex and money without any say. If a character tries to be innocent, not acceptant and independent, society's view on them will change. But, it can be concluded that through the experiences and journeys that Zohra and Gaston went through, external factors may or may not help a person to overturn society's view on them. Both Naguib Mahfouz and Shusaku Endo have revealed that it takes patience and determination for one to change society's perception towards them, which are illustrated in both books by changes in a social status for a character and how people acted towards a character that is new to the society. Reference: 1. Endo,Shusaku, Wonderful Fool Peter Owen Modern Classics: London,1974 2. Naguib Mahfouz, Miramar . Doubleday: New York,1993 1 Miramar pg 25 2 Wonderful Fool Page 65 3 Wonderful Fool Page 180 4 Miramar Page 141 5 Miramar Page 151 1 ...read more.

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