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World Lit Paper 2 - Creative Peice

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IB English A1 World Literature Paper 2 Blood Wedding by Frederic Garcia Lorca Creative Piece: Love Versus Money: The Importance of Anti-censorship in Frederic Garcia Lorcas' Blood Wedding Word Count: 1,176 Kayana J. McCalla Statement of Intent: The work that the assignment will be based on Blood Wedding by Frederic Garcia Lorca. The nature of this work is going to be reflected by the idea that this is an important read for all juniors, reflecting the importance of marriage as a strategy to gain money and wealth, rather than marriage to be in love. It is important to recognize foreign writers and their style of writing, as the style of writing is going to be my focus. I am also going to mention how his style of writing creates his characters and what his characters presence can add to the plays. In exploring these aspects, I plan on including short pieces from the work and show how the subject of marriage is easily compromising in the book and in the line itself. The idea of censorship comes in the fact that the idea of a marriage based on money was a western century idea, in which most marriages were arranged and were based on inheritance. ...read more.


In creating the Mother, Lorca created a strong and willful person, bent on preserving the family name at any mean necessary. On several occasions, the Mother of the Bridegroom makes sure her son will get the best of what is being offered as endowery in the will. What this shows is the fact that it "love" and marriage is not the same thing, rather, love within class is an idea that was created to marry for the love of money and endowery. Therefore, Lorca explores the ideas that one does not have to be in love in order to feel it; rather, love should be experienced and not forced onto two people that clearly don't love each other. In doing this, Lorca has multiple characters "awaken" the Bride, forcing her out of the dark and into the light, exposing her to the feelings being harbored inside. On the day of the wedding, the Maid cries "The bride is awakening/On the morning of the wedding!(49)" Here, the maid is one to notice how the bride is reacting to her very wedding day. "Awakening" has denotation of rousing and quickening. ...read more.


Marriage and money is an important theme Blood Wedding by Lorca because of values and beliefs in the United States. Love, now is comparable like the Bride and Leonardo, inescapable after many years and full of happiness, but secrecy. Love built on purely money is bound to fail. The American culture is a simple example that love now has no space for money, because love has proved to be more than enough. Lorca shows that Leonardo is defiant and persistent in perusing his love. In that, the bride begins to realize where her real love resides, rather than money. "But wherever you go, I am going...The moon nails us together. My loins are fused to you thighs.(92)" Clearly, censorship of a book as extraordinary as Blood Wedding by Fredrico Garcia Lorca is not a very wise decision amongst schools in the United States. Lorcas' piece becomes a fundamental literature piece, in teaching old-world views on marriage and ideas behind such absurd ideas of love versus money. It teaches the fact that love can come in many different forms, and it is inescapable. Money is not enough. Therefore, Lorca demonstrates family interference can't sway ideas behind love and love can't be "learnt" if one is in such a powerful love already. ...read more.

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