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In this assignment I set out to design a modern and up to date classroom to enhance the learning experience for adult learners participating in a level 4 construction course. I aim to explain the rationale for my design, and will outline the materials to

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Ben Gregory HNC 1 2011 Construction Technology & Environmental Design Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Legislation 3 Lighting 5 Ventilation 5 Heating 6 Acoustics 6 Signs and notices 7 Emergency lighting 7 First Aid fire fighting equipment 7 Sprinkler systems 7 Reference 7 Shopping List 8 Introduction In this assignment I set out to design a modern and up to date classroom to enhance the learning experience for adult learners participating in a level 4 construction course. I aim to explain the rationale for my design, and will outline the materials to be used. A traditional classroom is often set with the desks in rows with the teacher's desk at the front of the room. Desks were often spread far enough apart to control behaviour, and to prevent cheating in tests! In days gone by teachers used to teach most lessons by standing at the front, and letting students copy from the board. Teachers now use a wider range of interactive group and individual teaching methods, such as debates, discussions, role plays, presentations etc. There have also been significant developments in the technology available to be used in the classroom. In the past teachers would have written on the board with chalk or dry wipe pens. ...read more.


For example, a U-shape is a good design for discussions and whole group learning, but equally the workstations can be clustered in small groups. The workstations can be positioned to ensure adequate space between students. Lighting The Education (school premises) regulation 1999 states that the maintained luminance of teaching accommodation shall not be less than 300 lux on the working plane. The glare index shall be limited to no more than 19. My design will provide adequate lighting through natural light provided by large windows. There are also down lights. Ventilation Building Regulations part F describes ventilation as: "the supply and removal of air (by natural and/or mechanical means) to or from a space or spaces in a building". Adequate ventilation is important because otherwise carbon dioxide will build up, particularly in the classroom where there are a large number of people in small spaces, for a long period of time. In a classroom situation it is possible that inadequate ventilation could reduce performance as it can cause headaches, drowsiness and the inability to concentrate. Windows are not sufficient ventilation on their own, as in cold weather it will be difficult to maintain adequate room temperatures, whilst ensuring an adequate change of air. My design would use stacked ventilation to ensure adequate air exchange, whilst enabling comfortable room temperatures to be maintained. ...read more.


required to enable the building to meet health and safety regulations, and there will be a need to plan where it is to go. In my design I have included powder and water fire extinguishers. Sprinkler systems My design includes a building wide suppression system which has heat detectors throughout the building. Sprinklers can be highly effective in controlling a fire when it is still small, and will buy time for people to evacuate the building and for fire services to arrive. Reference Building bulletin 100, Design for fire safety in schools, Department for children schools and families. http://www.bafsa.org.uk/pdfs/publications/00000050.pdf (Accessed 04/12/11) Standards for education premises http://www.atl.org.uk/health-and-safety/work-environment/standards-education-premises.asp (Accessed 11/12/11) Shopping List Walls Aragon filled double glazing coated in Low E glass wool insulated wall caverty 16mm plaster painted orange Fish tank wall Magic glass interactive white boards Fire Saftey 1 Enterance/fire exit 1 fire exit only Fire exit signs Sprinklers Fire alarm 1 evacu chair Ceilings Built in speakers Down lights Concrete ceiling Insulated with sound proofing 16mm plaster painted sky blue with clouds Floor plan Concrete floor with sound proof underlay Underfloor heating luxury carpet Hearing loops Massaging chairs with adjustable settings built in ipad doc and keypad Lecturer scetch pad Lecturer desk Drinks machine Snack machine Chill out area Corner sofa Roof Lift Stairs Pond Railings ?? ?? ?? ?? HNC 1 2011 - 9 - ...read more.

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