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customer service

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Customer Service HND Business/Hospitality Year 1. Assignment 1-research project. Tesco.com Introduction. For my customer care unit I have chosen Tesco as an organisation that I will research in depth. I will examine the customer service policy of organisation in detail. The areas of customer service culture, customer requirements and satisfaction level of customers in that particular organisation will also be covered in my assignment. I will look in to how Tesco provide customer care and service for business and services operations. One of my main resources for the assignment is Tesco's customer service web page (http://www.tesco.com /customerservices/custServAroundTheStore.htm) 1. Analyse a Customer service policy within a business and services context. -Identify the reasons for using customer service policies. FAMILY CARE. When analysing the customer service policy and the different areas it covers shows, that Tesco's really does value its customers. Tesco's policy is referring to different kinds of people with different needs. One of their policies is to provide best children and family care. Tesco is providing the best facilities and environment for families so that parents and children feel comfortable when shopping in their stores. Tesco's has more than 400 stores nationwide with baby changing facilities. These stores also provide emergency nappies and wipes. "For stores with no changing room we have installed changing mats in our toilets." (http://www.tesco.com/customerservices/custServForYourFamily.htm). Tesco's policy states: "Some of our smaller stores do not have these facilities but will help you and your child in any way possible." ...read more.


-Listen carefully and emphasise, so that you show communication and at the same time working out the solution to the problem. -Make sure to be patient and courteous. -Check and confirm through asking questions, so that the problem that you are trying to solve does not cause a following problem. -Offer choices of compensation so that the customer can be satisfy and make sure you do what you said you would do. Use of telephone. The ability to use telephone well is a big factor in showing good customer service. When answering the call in they have to feel glad that they called from the second the phone is answered. "Every week customer services answers 80,000 calls to our customer service centre."( http://www.tesco.com/customerservices/custServAroundTheStore.htm). Tesco's insure that the employees that do answer the phone are well trained because poor telephone skills can cost Tesco their customers and they cannot and do not want to loose them. When dealing with customers the employees must be trained to: -Answer the phone within 3 rings -Say their name and state Tesco name and which department e.g. "Good afternoon! Tesco's direct. Anna speaking, how can I help?" - Find out what customer requires -Be courteous -Transfer only as the last option -Ask to wait NOT hold the line - Avoid piped music -Assure the caller that Tesco team is dealing with the request as quickly as possible -Return regularly and inform the customer of what's been done if the call lasts long 3. ...read more.


For those customers who require hearing aid Tesco has a system to help improve service to hearing impaired customers. "Induction loop is available on selection of checkouts, customer service desks and tobacco kiosks". (http://www.tesco.com/customerservices/custServForSpecialNeeds.htm) Those customers who have problem moving around such as disables or elderly can order their food online or by telephone and it will be delivered to their doorstep. All the customers are coming from different background and their class varies, some can be wealthier then others. Tesco insures that their customers are able to shop I the stores regardless of how rich there are. That's why they provide variety of goods with different prices. For example Tesco's white, medium sliced bread can be purchased just for 35p whereas Hovis white, medium sliced loaf would cost more then double of that. Consumers always prefer customisation and dislike standardisation, which means that consumers like a variety of choice. Therefore Tesco's expanded their business and they are not only dealing with groceries now. It now also deals with electrical goods e.g. phones, broad band televisions etc; finance e.g. insurances, loans, break down covers etc and many others. Tesco's has done so in order to involve all different groups of people with different interests. In order to satisfy customers Tesco is providing them with the goods that they wish to see on the shelves on TESCO stores. This organisation makes sure that all of our goods are not only well presented on the outside but also stand up to high standards of quality. ...read more.

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