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academic importance

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The aims of academic study and how they can be achieved ? Academic study is a study to gain knowledge and provide a framework for future understandings. They also help us to have a better understanding of the world. Furthermore, they also play a very important part in social cognition. This essay will examine and explore the extent of the role of academic study that it plays in our lives and how it provides a means for learning effectively for students in order to meet individual goals which will thus encourage life long learning. Academic study provides a range of advantages that result in life time learning Academic study is another word for life long learning. Life long learning can be seen as a cradle to grave learning activity. Learning can be defined as an understanding to how the learning process occurs may help the student to become a more advanced learner. Academic study is a level of study which helps us to think and learn beyond the level of experts. ...read more.


It is suggested that through learning the right skills the following short term goals can be achieved effectively, achievement of a good diploma; ability to become more confident, act well independently which maybe useful to identify their personal learning style and improve academic writing skills. Time management being the most important factor which is lacking in majority of the students who aim for academic studies They also learn how to consider time management and allocate sufficient time to complete my assignments and not leave it till the last minute. Allocation of time is another important implication that academic study provides to study plans and become aware of time scales and distribute time equally and appropriately for studies. Academic study helps a student to allow him to identify his potentials that would help him to reach his goal. Academic study is of great importance for the students by completing further education within their particular speciality as it can open up all matters concerning career opportunities and helps in identifying our strengths and weaknesses. ...read more.


It is important at this stage to elucidate on one's behaviour in a concrete, quantifiable manner in order to ascertain the underlying meaning involved with the observed actions For example earliness of class is defined as arriving 5 minutes before class is scheduled to begin. Arrival at any other time later is considered late. To measure lateness and any change in it, self-monitoring was used. To conclude it is vital that students receive effective teaching through academic studies which is usually accomplished. Academic study provides in depth knowledge and the basis to develop skills which can be successfully completed. To summarize quality and higher education provides a foundation for good practices and provides individuals with the ability to practice competently with expertise and skill. From this essay it can be ascertained that academic study can provide essential theories and knowledge that students can utilize and carry with them throughout their careers thus highlighting the aims and importance of academic study. It is without doubt that life long learning will encourage students in the improvement of theoretical and practical knowledge and skill that will provide the best quality education. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mariam Fahim Vahedna ID: 200821061 Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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