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Analysis of published material.

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Asifa Nazia Iqbal TEFL Part 1 210LAE Coursework Assignment 1: Materials analysis Part 1: Analysis of published material 1.1. What level of ability is the material intended for: beginners, intermediate or advanced? The level of the pupils I intend to create material is going to be for beginners as the level of English has to be basic and it should motivate the pupils, rather than confuse them. 1.2. Identify the three elements Engage, Study and Activate, and the order/pattern they come in. If you think one is missing, say so. The three elements of engage, study and activate are available in the text this will be introduced to the pupils in the sequence of study by means of reading the text. Engage is reflected when the pupil will answer the questions, understand it and feel part of the story, in addition activate will also occur when they use their literacy skills. The discussion activity will engage and activate the pupil, and finally the listening activity will involve all three. For all the three elements to be present it is important t note that motivation is also needed. ...read more.


It could be that this figure has been set at this amount to reflect the seriousness of the case, and how important his job actually is. question D is asking where the money is now, the reason for this question is so that the student understands the process that the characters are going through. Where the money came from, where it is now and finally what will happen to the money(as reflected in question E). Here I can see a pattern emerging; this is that each question itself unknowingly is giving more and more detail about the person in question. Which then sets a picture in the reader's mind, such as what his lifestyle is, what he wears, and what he drivers? Therefore, at the moment what the pupil is learning more about Mr. Sithole. This pattern carries on thought the remaining questions so the above mentioned purpose still stands. The purpose is to set a picture of the characters in question. 1.6 What other activities are included in the section, and how do they relate to the reading text? The activities that are involved here are the listening skills that are needed, an also the discussion forum that arises. ...read more.


in understanding the article more, and therefore, there will be a higher chance of them putting the article in the correct order. 1. What is the name of the burglar, and how old is he? 2. For what period of time did Mr Newbury sleep in the allotment? 3. What did Mr Justice Rougier rule in this case and why? 4. What was the result of the ruling? 5. What is the old saying that Mr Husseyin Ozer uses? For vocabulary to be learnt, and practised I have used different words, and phrases in my comprehension question than what is provided in the article. After the students have completed this task I will then ask them using their answers and what they read and understood to put the different sections of the article in the order that they think is correct. The students may or may not realise that the questions that I have set, set out the order in which the article is. So that if they have completed the task correctly they will find it easier to put the article together. Finally I will bring the class together and go through the correct answers and the order of the newspaper article. ...read more.

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