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Analyzing a website

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Analyzing a Website

                        Websites are relevant tool to each and every person. They are windows to the world. They help in exchanging information between cultures and opening channels to different civilizations. Moreover, they facilitate different issues and make them available for people. Websites differs from one to another according to the information included in them. Furthermore, there are three main types of websites; the first type is websites that concentrate on a certain category such as euro sport as a sports website and the second type is websites that combines all the categories in them such as CNN and the third type is marketing website such as Ralph Lauren which I am going to be talking about in my essay. Websites can have many purposes and can offer many services for people online. One of these websites is Ralph Lauren. There are many criteria for a fruitful website but the three most exceptionally significant are appearance and the usability of the website.

www.ralphlauren.com is a website that is visually appealed, elegant and professional website as it reflects the company’s products and their services. One of the most important things in the appearance of Ralph Lauran website is the text in the page; the text is easily read according to the combination between the white background and the blue colored text and the background does not interpret the text also the layout is easy and the design is simple. The text is big enough to read and is comfortable for eyes unlike other irritating texts in other websites .The background tends to be feminine because of the pink color .The pictures make the background interested, it has clear information that helps reaching any link easily and the colors are matching with each other and they do not disturb your vision. Another thing that distinguishes the website upon other website is the easy navigation in the site; the navigation buttons are easy to understand and use, they are also fast so as not to get people bored. The frames do not distract the visitors from what they are searching for. Moreover, the navigation buttons are consistent through the website and they provide the visitors with the clue to where they are and where to go. In addition, the graphics of the website are very important aspect as they add visual variety and are well-used in suitable amount. Every graphic has a texting match link and their sizes are big enough. They rotate showing more information unlike other websites that  are overload by a  large amount of irrelevant graphics such as www.deisel.com as all the website home page is pictures and graphics. More than that, Ralph Lauren’s website is a simple website which allows the viewers to concentrate on their message and do not get confused or distracted. On top of that are the links; the links are easily distinguished having a clear color and they are also divided into well organized categories.

                        Not only is appearance a characteristic of a good website, another good feature is the usability of the website. The often overlooked component of a successful website is the degree of usability in the website and www.ralphlauren.com is a site that can be easily read and navigated and understanding. One of the best ways to stick visitors to a certain website is the simplicity of the website which occurs in Ralph Lauren’s website. Moreover, the pages are fast-loaded; they load in less than twenty seconds which help the visitors not to get bored from waiting to the pages to load. Furthermore, the site contains of long link text which make it much easier for the visitors to find their way through the site .In addition to that, the Ralph Lauren website includes a home page link inside their main navigation system as visitors may enter their website via an internal page. In addition to what has been said is the search engine; www.ralphlauren.com include a search box to help visitors locate the clothes they want easily without searching for a long time; only what they have to is type the type of clothes they want and they will be transferred automatically to their destination page. Beyond what has been said, one of Ralph Lauren’s particular functional aspects is allowing people to order products online securely which can guarantee the benefit of the customers’ trust as being trustworthy will lead to more customers and more success.

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