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Does Veronica by Adele Maya-Pearce have a choice? Compare your opinions to women’s Rights

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Does Veronica by Adele Maya- Pearce have a choice? Compare your opinions to women's Rights The story Veronica by Adele Maya Pearce is about two children and their completely different lifestyles. The story follows their lives from childhood till adulthood. Veronica's harsh lifestyle is completely in contrast to Okeke's life, Okeke has far more opportunities in life unlike Veronica. Veronica faced a lot of problems in her life first of all she was treated badly by her father. He was a drunk and beat her regularly. Okeke would regularly hear the screams coming from Veronica' household. "Night after night I would lie awake listening to her screams" Another problem she faced was bringing up the family her self due to her mother being weak. " Her father was a brute and her mother was weak" This was difficult and hard to cope with. ...read more.


"No the city is for you not for me. What will I do when I get there? I have no qualifications, not even A standard six" Another problem Veronica faced was her brother and her sisters had deserted her. This was a big problem because she was completely on her own until she got married. This was a very lonely time for her and she was probably very distressed. She is asked about her brothers and sisters and speaks of them without bitterness. "What do they want with me? They have their own lives to lead" Veronica was in the war zone when the war broke out. This was a great danger to her life. She was living in a very dangerous area and it could have got her killed. ...read more.


This was a big change. Before this girls did not have the privilege of further education. In 1948 Cambridge University (England) allowed the women to take degrees. This shows women were discriminated against in the case of education not long ago. Veronica had no choices of all except one important choice she had to make. This was to leave the village she was in and go to the city. I think this was the worst decision she made in the story. Veronica could have got away from it all but because she was so used to her lifestyle she could not leave. I don't think she wanted to leave her family, She easily had the chance to get away from it all but she never took it. Apart from that she did not have any choices at all. Compared to women's rights internationally she did not have a fair life at all. ADNAN YOUNIS ...read more.

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