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Higher Learning Skills Portfolio For a PE Teacher.

Extracts from this document...


´╗┐HIGHER LEARNING SKILLS 2011-2012 Introduction to higher learning skills Task 1 ? Personal Objectives SWOT Analysis Task 2 ? Learning Style Reflections References Task 3 ? Factors that influence learning References Appendices Table of the factors that influence learning Task 4 ? Literature Research and Book Review Bibliography: The 10 book citations References Task 5 ? Using Case Studies Task 6 ? A Critical Incident Report Task 7 ? Group Presentation Appendices Task 8 ? Group Evaluation References Part 1 ? Self Appraisal Part 2 ? Development and Action planning Task 10 ? Time Management Introduction to higher learning skills This module, which followed on directly from the induction process, introduced me to the world of higher education and helped me develop a wide range of skills to enable me to become a more effective learner. It also helped me gain the most from my time as a student at college. This module has developed my independent learning skills and has introduced me to a range of study skills, learning theories and learning styles and has been encouraged me to reflect on my own learning, both within and outside of the programme of study. TASK 1 ? Personal Objectives Task 1 ? Personal Objectives I arrived at the decision to enrol on a foundation degree course in sport, health and exercise after completion of my level three gym instructor?s course. It installed faith in me and the education system. I have become hungry for education and realise that education is vitally important, and is what I will go on to base my entire career upon. My ambition to become a physical education (PE) teacher and fitness coach thrives in the learning environment; this is because I am surrounded by determined likeminded individuals. The idea of becoming a role model and inspiring people, particularly the youth is incredibly attractive to me. My weaknesses that I feel will potentially hold me back include my lack of academic ability; I have never been fond of reading or writing. ...read more.


Maidenhead: McGraw Hill. Seeley, R. Stephens, T. & Tate, P. (2002) Anatomy & Physiology. Maidenhead: McGraw Hill. Wilmore, J. & Costill, D. (2008) Physiology of Sport and Exercise. Leeds: Human Kinetics. Maud, P. & Foster, C. (2006). Physiology Assessment of Human Fitness. 2nd Ed. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics Publishers. Eston, R. and Reilly, T. (eds.) (2008) Kinanthropometry and exercise physiology laboratory manual: tests, procedures and data. Volume 2: Physiology. 3rd edn. London: Routledge. Guyton, A.C. (1984) Physiology of the Human Body. 6 edn. W.B. Saunders. Plowman, S. & Smith, D. L. (2008). Exercise Physiology for Health, Fitness, and Performance. 2nd Edition. Lippincott: Williams & Wilkins. Tortora, G.J. and Anagnostakos, N.P. (1990) Principles of Anatomy and Physiology. 6 edn. Harper Collins. Dunford, M. and Doyle, J.A. (2011) Nutrition for sport and exercise. 2nd edn. Pacific Grove, Calif: Brooks/Cole. References Pritchard, A. (2005) Ways of Learning Learning Theories and Learning Styles in the Classroom. London: David Fulton. Task 5 ? Using Case Studies Task 5 ? Using Case Studies In 2003, Elmbridge?s council condemned the existing leisure facilities and it was decided they closed in favour of a more sate-of-the-art complex being introduced. Pros and cons were established; however a new wet and dry leisure facility was favoured. To facilitate the proposed project, a Public Private Partnership was established. In 2003, an invitation to tender for the work was made, whereby in March 2004 two local firms were chosen to undertake the 15 year contract. It was decided that DC leisure met all the necessary requirements. A lead officer was addressed for the duration of the project who would work closely with external specialists. Combining forces with local residents and acknowledging the need for feedback and progress updates has enabled a mutual understanding to be developed by both parties. Elmbridge?s council developed various strategies to enable local residents up to date with progress. Completion of the Elmbridge?s Exel Leisure complex took approximately 14 months in total. ...read more.


I feel my concentration during lessons can sometimes prevent me from absorbing all the information. There are times when I have to arrange tutorials to confirm things with tutors. Analysing passages of text from primary and secondary sources I feel like my ability to critically analyse text is satisfactory. I was able to demonstrate this in task two - the book review. For my sports nutrition module I have had to analyse passages from text to extract information about macro and micro nutrients. Sometimes I don?t fully understand the academic words used in some passages of texts. When I don?t understand some words, I have to use a thesaurus . Expressing ideas clearly in writing, with due attention to grammar and register I feel I have good grammar and typography. And my ability to synthesize my ideas has been discussed in tutorials In a number of my assignments my tutors have expressed that my attention to grammar and writing is satisfactory. I feel my weakness in this area is that I cannot proof read. I prefer to get a second opinion and have somebody else to help me. This helps me identify grammar mistakes. After every assignment that I complete in neat copy I have a friend or tutor proof read my work. Presenting my work in accordance with scholarly conventions I consult the module handbooks and revise the grading criteria to ensure I get the highest possible marks. To deliver my Higher Learning Skills presentation I had to accord with scholarly conventions effectively. My weaknesses lay with my academic writing. I often expose myself to criticism for poor referencing. In my exercise physiology assignment the feedback I gained from my tutor was direct at my referencing. Devoting sufficient time to my academic studies My strengths in this area include time management which is outlined in task 10 and my prioritisation. All of my assignments to date have been completed on time. Sometimes my schedule can become busy and I can fall behind on my study time. Some assignments and tasks have to be rushed to compensate. ...read more.

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