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Maslow's hierarchy of needs applied to the classroom setting. Maslow hierarchy of needs can be a very useful tool for every teacher. Maslow proposed that people

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Maslow's hierarchy of needs applied to the classroom setting. Maslow hierarchy of needs can be a very useful tool for every teacher. Maslow proposed that people have five different sets of needs, listed below, and these can be applied in the classroom to increase students' performance. Physiological needs: All persons require to satisfy needs associated with their immediate physical survival, such as need for food, water, rest etc. Therefore, teachers need to take into consideration such needs and for example they make sure that every so often they assign some group work where the students are required to stand up and change place. This avoids the students from getting fidgety. Also, it is essential that teachers do not conduct extra lessons during the break, since students need breaks to eat and move around. If the break is denied, students would not be concentrated during the lesson. Safety needs: Students need to feel safe and secure, thus it is essential that teachers develop a warm classroom environment, which is free of risks (such as broken chairs, windows etc). Love and Belongingness Needs: Obviously, we all seek affectionate relationships with others and like to feel accepted. Thus, teachers must ensure that there is a good teacher-students relationship and they must make sure that they do no preferences. Students need to feel that they belong to a community (class). ...read more.


and it ensures that everyone has a possibility to participate and take responsibility of his or her learning. Further more, group work assign a single mark per group avoiding that low achievers attain always low marks. Surely, group work requires a certain classroom setting where all the students in one group are able to see each other. To conclude, I would like to point out that teachers should assign more group work tasks even though this might require more work. Reference List Marshall, M. (2001). Collaboration for quality learning. Retrieved June 10, 2005, from http://www.MarvinMarshall.com Tinzmann, M.B., Jones, B.F., Fennimore, T.F., Bakker, J., Fine, C., & Pierce, J. (1990). What Is the collaborative classroom? Retrieved June 10, 2005, from http://www.ncrel.org/sdrs/areas/rpl_esys/collab.htm Arousal and motivation in the learning process, especially among children with behavioural difficulties. In today's technological based world, it is becoming more and more difficult for teachers to motivate their students. Unquestionable, children with behavioural difficulties are more difficult to motivate thus they frequently tend to be in a low arousal state. In order for students to attain educational success they need to be motivated. Being able to stimulate students' desire to engage in the learning process is not easy, especially when it comes to students with behavioural difficulties. Still, teachers need to put into practice the right techniques in order to succeed to motivate their students. ...read more.


Similar occurs when there is a poor teacher-students relationship, since students need to feel valued by their teacher. Secondly, it is important that teachers adopt the right teaching strategies in order to increase motivation. Lessons should be interactive where the students feel free to participate. Also students need to feel that what they are learning is relevant to their life, thus teachers should preferably engage in drill and practice activities. By providing an abundance of educational resources, such as multimedia, models, speakers etc., will also help in achieving an optimum level of performance. A good use of resources will help to obtain a variety in the lessons delivered. Thirdly, teachers should recognize that encouragement plays an important role when it comes to students' performance. Teachers should praise (positive reinforcement) their students and if possible assign effort grades. Consequently, students will be able to make a connection between their work and their success. Apart from this, teachers need to show to their students that they believe in them and they are positive that they will succeed. Fourthly, it might be helpful if the teachers establish a good relationship with the students' family since collaboration from home is essential for the students' performance. Lastly but very important, teachers need to set realistic goals in order for the students not to be disappointed. Reference List Kappa Delta Pi. (2003). Classroom teacher's role in preventing school failure. Retrieved June 10, 2005, from http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa4009/is_200301/ai_n9179139 ?? ?? ?? ?? Ritienne Plum (22984 M) B.Ed Computing 3rd Yr. - 1 - ...read more.

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