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MIS case study

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MIS Case Study 'Eye to Eye' and 'Pupils in charge of their own learning'. There are many ways in which management information systems (MIS) can help different users in schools. The way it can help all types of teachers and students in schools is that they can monitor and analyse the performance of each and every student individually, this can improve the standards of teaching. It can help systemise the process of assessing children's learning by capturing the information and storing it. Three levels of analyses are used for the data. They are: * Individual student level * Group level * level of overall school accountability At the individual student level, students and teachers can analyse the learning patterns together, identifying areas of strength and those where support and guidance are needed. ...read more.


It can also make the relationship between teachers and pupils greater; this is something which is needed to make the school and students successful. The progress of each individual can be reviewed. The way it can benefit parents, is that on nights like parents evening, teachers can produce reports on their children, and this can be automatically printed using the MIS system. This way parents can have a clear view of the progress of their child and the thought about teachers being bias will not be present. Parents can follow their child's progress on the internet, instead of coming into school on parents evening. This can be good, especially for working parents as they may not have time to come in. ...read more.


This can benefit the school, the teachers and the pupils; it can also benefit parents and also the government. This is because it can be made easier to differentiate between other schools as it is all done electronically. The government can also easily review the performance of the schools. The type of data that can be entered, for example, is results of homework, quality of work, behaviour, attendance, punctuality, and attitude to learning. This can be presented to senior staff, the pupils themselves and the parents. You can also have an electronic register which is done directly on the computer instead of on a piece of paper. This means you do not have to repeat entering data, mistakes will be less likely. There will be less redundant data and less time consuming. ...read more.

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