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My personal Reflective Analysis.

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My personal Reflective Analysis From completing the careers anchors questionnaire I realised that my preferred anchor was that of 'pure challenge and dedication to a cause'. My instant reaction, before reading the explanatory text was that this could not be the case. This quick conclusion was reached because of the title and in true activist form I assumed it meant that I was destined for a job in medical science to find a cure for cancer. However as I read on I realised it actually meant a number of different things. This anchor did match with the many things I do enjoy to do. I see variety in a job essential because I tire quickly. In my current part-time work although the requirements and surroundings are the same, every shift is different because of the differently scheduled staff and customers etc. These changes keep me involved and I feel I learn more from new experiences. I thrive when I am challenged and my motivation increases the harder something is. ...read more.


Therefore for someone to learn you have to tell them what they are learning, give examples and why they need to know it. The last part is the most important as it gives the incentive to listen and learn. Then each stage is broken down into sets of questions (see my role play on desserts). To question someone makes them try to think of an answer them selves and this is why it gets remembered. I noticed in the careers lectures that the object of the lecture was always explained and why we needed to know it. Then there were questions on the topic before the point of each lecture was discussed. The activists in the group always impatiently waved their hands or shouted out and like every teacher it was the quiet ones who were asked to try encourage them to be more confident. I feel a lot of my skills and personal qualities have come from my work experience. ...read more.


Firms only wish to spend time and money developing and training someone if they feel they will get a lot back. I feel that education I have received has given me the academic knowledge and work has given me the people skills, confidence and last of all the employability that firms seek for within a candidate. My career anchor reflects the job area I have a burning desire to fulfil. Throughout my academic life I have always enjoyed mathematics based subjects especially statistics. This interest encouraged me to look at jobs in that area. One job that seemed the best suited was that of Acturial work. In general this is the collection of statistical data and running procedures, which identify trends. It contains many concept of my degree and allows me to integrate statistics. This job would allow me to problem solve, generate ideas and theories without restrictions, to be thrown in at the deep end and to still work as part of a team. Included in this file is my reasearch into that job area. ...read more.

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