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Personal & Professional Development - Reflective Diary

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Personal & Professional Development Assignment 3: Reflective Diary Nehat Krasniqi, BAMA Year 1 26/01/2003 Background Deciding to peruse a career in Marketing has been a goal ever science I stared studying business, I found that Marketing interests me more than other business subjects such as Finance or Accounting simply because I don't really like numbers. I had gone to different colleges and University's looking for an institute that would help me grow in different ways not just fill my head with knowledge that some day I wouldn't need. The London Institute LCP represented culture and from that I felt I could learn, from the students just as much as from the lecturers. Development The time that I spent at LCP was far to little in a general sense to suggest that studying here has made a major impact on my knowledge and general progression. The first Personal and Professional Development seminar we exercised an oral Presentation in front of our group. Presenting our self's to the group, I personally found it very direct and straight to the point. Really getting to work and the whole point of the PPD seminars and lectures was to improve my confidence and built up points that I havent thought about in the past. ...read more.


In every assignment, to gather information was vital and that has really helped me consist my ideas of what and how to present work and also how to research, what point to pick out from data and how best to bring my thought on that view or topic. Just as note taking would be essential to any progress in all the lectures, but writing in short hand will help to define the thought and also set an idea of what I want to hear and how I want to hear it. Making the notes and taking notes from lecturers is very important as I could use this data for current or future references, and also leave it in the shed once I'm finished with the course. I was having some problems with getting to grips with some of the work that was presented to me in some of the lectures and the new ideas that came into my head are quit frightening. But when I gather notes it helps me reflect on the issue in a different, way as and when I get a chance. I read through my notes and find that the issues we discussed in the lectures from the past week were not ...read more.


Their was a seminar we had in Personal and Professional Development on the 20.01.03. We had carried out an exercise, on working with other members of a team according to the exercise I work better as an individual, but the I wait in agony to find out the result of the marketing environment assignment to prove the exercise wrong. Problems I havent had any major problems toward my progression, I might some times feel that I could go at a faster pass´┐Ż in learning, and feel that some of the topics that are covered in Creativity & Communication are not relevant to our course. But apart from that I feel that I have made some progress and that overcomes any small problems that I have with the College. Plans I plan to make more effort in organizing my work and the time that I spend on reading and revising, but also give more time and plan ahead with any assignments so that I don't rush any of my work. As reflection this may improve the grad that I get, even though I am very satisfied with the work that I have produced until now. ...read more.

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