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Process analysis of becoming a poor student.

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Process analysis of becoming a poor student Being a poor student doesn't take much skill at all; in fact it takes no skill. With so many things going on in a student's head such as, how am I going to pay for books, am I going to get the classes I need, and what am I going to wear to class; becoming and remaining that perfect student relatively seems impossible. The fact of the matter is; with all these emotions running through a students head its hard to focus on the real reason why we go to school, potentially to succeed in the world, to get a good job, to go ahead and build a life for ourselves as well as enriching our lives with life experiences. With that in mind, according to some, just the matter of waking up and making it to class on time can be an arduous task in itself. Habits come and go but for a poor student these habits die slow, such as procrastination, laziness, shyness, chewing gun, bad note taking, poor attendance, etc. ...read more.


Just think of all the endless possibilities, Mommy isn't hassling you for those A's, Daddy is giving you the keys to the car on date night, and grandma brags to her bridge club members on how smart of a young lad you really are. Why yes students its the new rage. "How to enjoy all the amenities of a poor student while coming out smelling like a hundred bucks". Its been said that speaking out of turn in class exemplifies a poor student, while others feel it exudes a whole-hearty attempt of expressing their desire to become the first person with the right answer. Pierce college students I say to you; stand up and be heard! Some say being a poor student leads to violence in society, I can draw no correlation to this theory, in fact some say Bill Gates was a poor student despite his innocuous looks and nerd like element. But too Bill's Harvard professors chagrin, this one time Harvard flunky seems to be doing just fine. As a matter of fact, he's the Chairman and CEO of a top Fortune 500 company, owner of a 90 million dollar estate, and perhaps the richest man on the planet, Bill gates is a model citizen for all poor students. ...read more.


Excuses find there way into every aspect of human life, although not quite as often as in a poor students daily life. One way to easily spot an excuse maker is to watch the eyes. Do they reveal little or no eye contact? Does the student resort to stuttering, or perhaps the age old "my dog ate my homework" additive? These little annoyances entail results of poor organizational skills, which can lead to a feeble representation of a truly excellent excuse maker. In conclusion, we all have the qualities and characteristics of Poor students. Its how we use these God given abilities to our advantage that makes us truly a superb "Poor student". With determination, hard work, perseverance, and a few lazy minutes each day you'll find yourself failing to complete assignments, exhibiting the use of hostile behavior, using defiant speech, daydreaming, showing little or no eye contact, skipping school, giving up to easily, and failing to volunteer or participate in class discussions. These are the few easy ways to spot the characteristics of a poor student. If you find yourself lacking what it takes to be an excellent Poor student than I say, "when in doubt let not thy mind drift about, think of BILL GATES!" ...read more.

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