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The educational system in the USA today

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´╗┐Education in the USA Introduction It is not a secret that to serve their citizens and to help the country prosper all countries in the world without exception provide public education to children and teenagers. One of its main goals is to prepare students for productive citizenship, work and adult life. All this makes the notion of education universal; however, each country has its own system of education determined by its history, political system, culture, traditions and so on. So, in this work I want to represent the educational system of the USA and its peculiarities. In the first part of my research paper I am going to represent the historical outline and the structure of education in the USA in brief. In the second part I will point out and describe the main strong and weak points of the education in the United States. I would like to mention that I chose this topic, because education has always been a focus of intense debate in the USA and continues to be of utmost importance to the citizens of America. In addition, since my dream has always been to study in the United Stated, I decided to do some research on this topic in order to get more knowledge about it and to learn the system?s strong and weak sides. Part 1 In this part of my paper I will represent in brief the origin and the history of education in the United States and the common structure of the educational system in the USA today. ...read more.


They retain the right to select their students and are funded in whole or in part by charging their students tuition Homeschooling Homeschooling in the United States constitutes the education for about 2.9% of USA students. Some are religious conservatives who see nonreligious education as contrary to their moral or religious systems, or who wish to add religious instruction to the educational curriculum. Others feel that they can more effectively tailor a curriculum to suit an individual student?s academic strengths and weaknesses, especially those with singular needs or disabilities. Still others feel that the negative social pressures of schools (such as bullying, drugs, crime, and other school-related problems) are detrimental to a child?s proper development. Boarding schools A boarding school is a school where some or all pupils study and live during the school year with their fellow students and possibly teachers and administrators Parochial school Parochial school is one term used to describe a school that engages in religious education in addition to conventional education, i.e. schools run by parishes. [3] Part 2 As almost every phenomenon in the world, US Education System also has some advantages and disadvantages. So, in the second part of my research paper I would like to show the strong and weak points of this system. US Education System strong points Inclusiveness: The American system of education provides education to all pupils summing up primary and secondary education irrespective of their performance levels. The system does not encourage drop outs of children on any basis. ...read more.


One of the results of high enrollment is that schools become areas with high concentrations of crime. Theft, assault and drugs are commonplace in many schools today. Rape and murder, along with gang violence and intimidation often occur in some schools. Behavior problems such as defiance, rudeness and bullying take on huge proportions in a classroom where a teacher is attempting to instruct 30 or more students. Effective academic learning simply cannot occur in such an environment.[4] Conclusion In conclusion, education is one of the most important issues that the American nation faces. Americans have shown a great concern for education since early colonial times, and it is gradually becoming one of the most important aspects of the American lifestyle. The government of the United States is doing much to raise the prestige of their institutions and the educational system. Though the system of education varies from state to state, they share many common features. So, in the first part of my research paper I tried to represent the historical outline and the general pattern of education in the USA, describing the several levels of education and the types of schools existing in there. Andin the second part I tried to show the features peculiar to it, the system?s strengths and weaknesses. The material of the second part is based my researches from different American websites, where both American and foreign students (who have studied there) have expressed their opinion on the education system of the USA. I have always dreamed to study in the United States and even after learning all the disadvantages of this system I still think that it is one of the strongest and well-developed systems of education in the world. ...read more.

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