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"Pilgrimage is just an excuse for a holiday!"

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"Pilgrimage is just an excuse for a holiday!" I believe that a pilgrimage could be defined as a holiday, as the prefix, "holi" means sacred or holy, so a "holiday" would be appropriate to associate with this spiritual event however, used in the context of a vacation, I beg to differ. For me, a pilgrimage is a rite of passage; everyone should be able to experience the vocation and awe that comes from a pilgrimage, which is its purpose. However, I understand how people can believe that a pilgrimage would and could be abused in to being named an excuse and here I will consider both sides of the coin. ...read more.


The sheer thought that the history that had once taken place now influences the world of today becomes quite surreal. An example of this could be Jerusalem, infamous for where the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ had occurred, it's definitely of appeal to Christians and is an important time for them, especially since it has important places inside it like Gethsemane, where Jesus had often prayed. People of faith would think of pilgrimage as a duty or a right and certainly not a holiday or free ride. Others believe that a pilgrimage is a waste of money, pilgrimage does cost a lot and you should not become bankrupt to pray just as you would at home. ...read more.


God's existence hasn't been proved; however, so many have faith in Him and His commandments. In conclusion, I would like to say that a pilgrimage is an arduous journey into seeking something special and sacred. It isn't a time for games or sin making; it's an escape from daily life and a focus on only one thing. A holiday involves the time at present and how the world is today, reality is always marauding within it, however, a pilgrimage is a pause in time, a place where things become much more clear, where you're at peace within yourself, where you could find the true meaning of life not like a vacation at all! By Hadeel Maksoud ...read more.

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