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Baz Luhrman Coursework

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Baz Luhraman's original name was Mark Anthony Luhrmann, but was later nicknamed Baz due to his resemblance to the character Basil Brush. He was born on the 17th September 1962 in Australia. Luhrmann is an Australian Film Director and is one of the best in the trade. Mainly for is use of flamboyant and colourful use of imagery. Baz is married to one of his production designers in which has helped him in all of his films. They have two children, Lillian, and William. The three films he has directed so far are; Strictly Ballroom (1992), Romeo & Juliet (1996), Moulin Rouge (2001) and is currently working on his fourth which is called 'An Oz Gone With the Wind.' starring Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman. Baz stated that Italian Grand Opera has a major influence in his work. Baz Luhrmann took the plot of Romeo & Juliet and brought it in to the 20th century. He did make one massive change in the last scene though. The part Baz changed was the timing of their deaths. ...read more.


Romeo is smoking a cigarette and is in deep thought. The last scene is of some what importance because it casts Romeo as a very different character. The scene is started off with Romeo being chased by the city police, in despair he runs up the church steps and takes the priest hostage. The police seize fire. The priest is flung to the side and Romeo enters the church, closing the door behind him, shutting out the outside world. Panting on the floor he turns around to see his wife in her death bed through the slit in aisle doors. The soprano's voice is introduced as Romeo walks down the aisle. Several camera angles were used, a POV shot to tell us what Romeo is seeing and the speed in which he is walking at, and a CU shot was used to show us Romeo's emotions and his pain. Only his footsteps and breathing are heard. The aisle is lit up by the strange blue neon type crosses. This gives the church a sense of coldness in the air. ...read more.


Opposite her lies a beautiful gun shinning in the light. Picking it up, Juliet cocks it in the deadly quiet environment. Placing it against her head she takes one last breath the pulls the trigger. Juliet's body naturally rolls next to Romeos and looks as though they were in bed together sleeping. Tiny drops of blood splash over Romeo's face for effect. The soprano's voice starts up again and the camera pans away from the two bodies. Black and white flashbacks accrue, reminding us how they met. Now that was the storey of Juliet and her Romeo. My opinions of Baz Luhrmann's Romeo & Juliet were that he did a risky job bringing Romeo & Juliet into the 20th century, but was pulled off with flying colours. The change he made to the ending allowed us to see Juliet's emotions and reactions towards Romeo and the poison. So yeah it was beneficial that he did that. Romeo & Juliet is a beautiful story of two loved ones from two different worlds which showed us how much they were willing to sacrifice for their love. I love it 10/10. ...read more.

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