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University Degree: Information Systems

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  1. Businees Informations Needs

    Operations Marketing To compare and contrast the different functional areas I have first looked at the responsibilities of each of the functional areas. Research and Development- The main task of this functional area is to develop new goods or services and update old or current goods or services. Their main tasks include technological development, scientific research and performance testing on all goods and services that the company provides. They are linked with the finance department for the money side of things, HR to make sure they are covered by health and safety regulations and ICT as a lot of their information is stored, sent and received digitally,.

    • Word count: 1878
  2. Systems Analysis Assignment 2

    Print Student Name: George Date: 20/04/2009 ASSIGNMENT GRADING & FEEDBACK SHEET Unit 2 Systems Analysis Grading within this assignment Task No Targeted Criteria Achieved Y/N Comment 1 P2.1 2 P2.2 3/4 P2.3 ALL P3.1 5 P3.2 ALL P3.3 1-4 P4.1 1,2,4 P4.2 1 P4.3 ALL M1.1 ALL M1.3 1-4 M2.1 1-4 M2.2 1-4 M3.1 ALL M3.2 6 D1.1 ALL D1.2 ALL D2.1 ALL D2.2 ALL D3.4 6 D3.5 General feedback Task 1 - (P2.1, P3.1, P3.3, P4.1, P4.2, P4.3, M1.1, M1.3, M2.1, M2.2, M3.1, M3.2, D2.1, D2.2, D3.4)

    • Word count: 2596
  3. Website Review

    Ryanair use hot spot on their website for easy linking to other websites and for easy browsing. Ryanair watches the download speed on their website because if the web page took very long to open, many of ryanair pass ticket bookers may forget about booking with ryanair and book with another airline instead. Ryanair uses email links on their webpage so that they can email information on any offers on flights or flight information to the user. The feature on this website is also good to use if the user wants to send and email directly to ryanair.

    • Word count: 773
  4. Web Development

    Each subject then follows through a chain of pages with all the information laid out as a text. Message board page The message board page is laid as a table form, and then forms are placed in two cells which allow the users to enter their details and sign in or register to become a member. Teachers' page This page is also laid out as a table. It has links of all the subjects. Each subject or link then follows through a chain of pages with images and detailed information laid out as a text. The Web Site is well designed, and easy to browse.

    • Word count: 1582
  5. Knowledge Management

    I have decided to investigate the two most influential texts regarding knowledge management. Nonaka's and Takeuchi's 'The Knowledge Creating Company' and Davenport and Prusak's 'Working Knowledge', published in 1995 and 1998 respectively. Nonaka and Takeuchi Nonaka and Takeuchi (1995) believe that existing knowledge is 'converted' into new knowledge. Nonaka and Takeuchi do not use the western definition of knowledge focused on 'truthfulness' rather they define knowledge more loosely as a 'justified belief'. Nonaka and Takeuchi state "while traditional epistemology emphasize the absolute, static, and nonhuman nature of knowledge, typically expressed in propositions and formal logic, we consider knowledge as a dynamic human process of justifying personal belief toward the 'truth' "(1995 p. 58)

    • Word count: 2236
  6. Database Systems modules and course work

    Scheduled Flight and Airport The Departure time of a Flight is not considered as the take off time of the Flights and we have two relationships between scheduled flight and Airport considering the two airports such as the destination and starting airports we are ignoring the transit airports we assuming the relationship is for the whole journey. Question 2 Relational Schema of the Entity Relationship, 1. Customer (CustomerNo, Address, Title, Surname, Forename, TelNo) Customer information is stored under the entity Customer where his/her personal details such as Address, Title, Surname, Forename, and Tel No are stored and a unique Customer No is given to each Customer to identify them distinctively and is classified as the primary key of this entity.

    • Word count: 2779

    well as the main development of products, marketing and bidding processes, order acquisitions and processing while in Africa the core of the business is done and these includes products sales, technical sales, product modifications and customisation, installations, training and support. SAW deals in software business as well as engages in developing accounting software for West African government agencies and departments. The business is a relatively small enterprise employing about 46 employees across two continents and a turnover of �10 million.

    • Word count: 2397

    I then clicked the start button then the File > Open command to load the example file (04INCJMP.ASM). Then clicked the assemble button to assemble the program which converts it to a machine code and the resulting code is shown in the List File window. The programme has register content and memory content in a separate pop-up window. STAGE 1 To start the 02TLIGHT.ASM file was loaded, then the programme was enacted to see how the sequence at which the lights comes on and goes off.

    • Word count: 1196

    An applicant can apply to take the certification anytime within one year of having taken the course. The tutors mark the test and a certificate is sent to the successful applicants. A company can also arrange to have a course delivered on-site. There is a one off payment for this regardless of the number of employees who attend. These courses can be arranged at reasonably short notice. This must be agreed with the tutor who will deliver the course. However the company must pay in advance and there is no cancellation permitted for this form of delivery.

    • Word count: 3205
  10. Information Security System

    So far we have known some types of risks and threats to computer systems in organisations. They are being: 1. Accidental error 2. Deliberate damage 3. Fraud To these categories I would also add a Physical threat, Unauthorised access and Malicious misuse. Let's have a look on each of them. Accidental error This is an important security issue which computer security experts should always put into consideration when designing security measures for a system. Accidental errors could occur at any time in a computer system but if we do have proper checks in place then it could not be the major concern. Accidental error includes corruption of data caused by programming error, user or operator error.

    • Word count: 3883
  11. ERP adoption and implementation.

    Two variables: perceived personal competence, organizational commitment, and two process outcome variables (perceived usefulness (PU) and perceived ease of use (PEU)). * To comment on the importance of the study to the IS field. * To link and test six hypotheses and how they affect the positive attitude towards change. INTRODUCTION A change is important part of an organization. Companies are placing an increased emphasis on operational coordination processes through enterprise integration. Enterprise integration is a key selling point of ERP software but ERP is not a technological panacea that provides instant supply chain management competence (Davenport, 1998)

    • Word count: 3465
  12. Organizational Information System

    For example, an input in the Marketing department would be an idea of an advertisement. This idea has to go through several stages of processing. The idea has to be verified by the market researchers that it is appropriate and addressed to the right target market. Finally the idea has to be transformed into a real advertisement. That would be the output. An example in the manufacturing department would be raw materials as input. They have to be processed to be turned into the necessary parts for televisions. As the business environment of Super TV consists of numerous systems and subsystems, various systems are connected by their inputs and outputs (Elliott 2004, p.62).

    • Word count: 3779
  13. Project proposal "Designing a simple Integrated Network for a Secondary School"

    With this, you can see how inconvenient it is for them to share information, and as well how outdated most of the schools in Nigeria are. Aims The aim of this project is to design an entirely new network for this medium sized secondary school. The network decided was an integrated one that comprises of internetworking and interoperability. For the Internetworking, this will involve the physical and logical connection of networking components. Variety of components are selected and implemented to link subnetworks to form an internet.

    • Word count: 1835
  14. Symbian is a mobile phone operating system designed to support services on 2.5G and 3G mobile telephony networks. Symbian is a 32-bit native IP-based, multi-tasking operating system designed for portable, battery-powered, mobile phones.

    mobile telephony networks. Currently, most mobile telephony networks are second generation (2G) networks, using GSM (TDMA) and CDMA for digital encoding, and allow for high quality voice communications and limited data communications (e.g. SMS). Networks are evolving from today's circuit-switched 2G mobile phones to packet-switched 2.5G and 3G networks. Third Generation (3G) mobile telephony networks will support high-speed data transmission and enable live wireless video and audio streaming. However, network operators must upgrade their infrastructure to enable 3G services and this is likely to take some time.

    • Word count: 4580
  15. Design of HCI

    The central characteristics of the theoretical processes and central tenets of human computer interface are summarised by Sutcliffe (1995 p2) as: i. Understanding the essential properties of people, which affect their interaction with computers. ii. Analysing what people do with computer systems and their interfaces; understanding users task requirements. iii. Specifying how the interface should function, how it should respond to the user, and it's appearance. iv. Designing interfaces so that users' needs are fulfilled and the system matches user characteristics.

    • Word count: 6971
  16. Availability of electronic information

    The regions that had the highest access to the internet were the South West and London both with 61%. The regions with the lowest access levels were Yorkshire and the Humber, the North East and Northern Ireland all with 52%. 84% of households in the UK with access to the internet had a broadband connection in 2007 and increase from the previous year's figure of 69%. London was again the area with the highest level of broadband internet access and internet access (60%). Northern Ireland remained the area with the lowest level with broadband and internet access (40%) This graph shows the percentage of households in the UK that has access to the internet.

    • Word count: 1410
  17. Electronic Crime

    This is quite an astonishing fact, given that these more conventional crimes appear to be more widespread. In this paper I will review what organisations need to do to identify the risks to their business, and subsequently what they can do to protect themselves in preparation against such risks, looking at systems and tools available for this purpose. I will then review the business continuity processes that organisations can employ, which will look at types of approaches used to ensure minimal business disruption in the event of an incident occurring.

    • Word count: 6023
  18. dissertation proposal

    However, as there are many forms, children with autism may not be diagnosed and so cannot benefit from the specialised education that could help them later on in life. My project goes on to further discuss issues around autism with information technology and aspects of user interface design. In order for me to evaluate the benefits of multimedia technology for autistic children I shall be looking at different user interface designs compared and compare them to a normal multimedia package.

    • Word count: 2000
  19. individual project

    Who owns the data on the card? How will the system work? Will the card work? And will it encroach on an individual's privacy? These are just some question being raised at the moment; however the card to be introduced will not only be a smart card but also a biometric card. This means that other personal about a person will also be held such as a persons thumbprint, theirs iris pattern, a photo and even a facial recognition system incorporated into it. Many groups such as Liberty are asking if a biometric card is actually necessary, and also state that it may cause racial tension amongst and towards different ethnic groups, and the ethnic minorities would suffer.

    • Word count: 11205
  20. Security in Wireless Local Area Networks

    - wireless LANs with infrastructure * Ad-hoc networking - wireless LANs without infrastructure * Nomadic access - a wireless LAN service Today's existing applications aims at four category of applications [2]: * Healthcare industry * Factory floors * Banking industry * Educational institutions The security issues in the wireless environment are much more stressed than in the wired networks, but there are still products without any security functions and even the IEEE 802.11 specifies the security functions as an optional feature.

    • Word count: 7709
  21. Security System for Ad-hoc Wireless Networks

    These techniques, together with the functionality provided by the underlying security platform, are used to implement all standard security services - confidentiality, authentication, access control, non repudiation and integrity, allowing to integrate ad-hoc networks into the existing security infrastructure. ii iii Acknowledgements I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the people at DSV for a great environment during the entire time I have worked on this thesis. Most notably, heartfelt thanks to my two supervisors: to Sead Muftic for his guidance, ideas and comments, and to Louise Yngstr�m for her great support and encouragement.

    • Word count: 43019

    system, and the ERP systems. Capital Requirements - The huge investment required to build manufacturing facilities to produce large commercial airplanes creates a significant barrier to entry for any competitor challenging Boeing. Boeing is still a world leader in missile defense, battle & commercial aircraft. They serve customers in 145 countries, employ workers in over 60 countries and operate in 26 states. Sales in 2003 were $50.5 billion, total IT investments of $30 billion, 30 percent of which were international. ii. Bargaining Power of Buyers Differentiation (777: Unique Quality)

    • Word count: 2770

    All products maintained on the Order Entry system are given a Catalogue Number and these are identical to the same names obtained by shoppers, wishing to place an order from the Argos catalogue on display. Each order processed for any customer is given an Order Number and the Order Number, together with the products and quantities on the order is supplied as a nightly update by the Order Entry module to the Accounts Receivable module. * Inventory, as the name implies, is the module responsible for keeping a list of all the products in stock for Argos.

    • Word count: 1758
  24. JP Morgan IT system. The agreement stated that IBM would take over tasks from JP Morgan such as hosting computer centres, running help desks, distributing applications, maintainging data and voice networks as well as hosting trading applications for JP M

    from this sentence I conclude that JP Morgan chase made this disicion to increase profits. Although his deal did not only create oppertunities for JP Morgan chase but also for IBM as well giving them the opertunity to demonstrate the power of its new ondemand services on a stage provided by a realtionship with a major coroperation. Agreement with IBM The agreement stated that IBM would take over tasks from JP Morgan such as hosting computer centres, running help desks, distributing applications, maintainging data and voice networks as well as hosting trading applications for JP Morgan securities.

    • Word count: 4486

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