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Introduction to Internet Report- - creating a website

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CC1003N   2010/11 Sem 2

CC1003N Coursework Report

Name: Gediminas Tamenas                

Student ID: 1102495                

Website Name: SideWays        

Website URL:          http://studweb.north.londonmet.ac.uk/~get0175


Web Site Proposal

Screen Dumps

Source Code of Home Page

Explanation of CSS

Explanation of JavaScript

Usability / Design Discussion

Web Site Proposal

(5 marks)                                                Date: ……………

Student Name:

Gediminas Tamenas

Student No:




Title of Web Site


Purpose and Audience for Web Site

The audience of the web site is everyone who is interested in drifting and cars, who’s passion is speed, big engines and hundreds of horse power under the bonnet, burning tires and crazy people.

The purpose of the web site is that people can share they experience about drifting and cars, how to make any modifications, what to do and some points. Also we do have a section with events, so people can come and see or even go around the track with their own car. After every event we post pictures/videos on the web site, just to remember how awesome the event was!

What Web Pages Will You Need

Web page Name

Description / features

SideWays, why SideWays?

Drifting is a driving style in which the driver uses throttle, brakes, clutch, gear shifting and steering input to keep the car in a condition of over steer while manoeuvring from turn to turn. So our crew decided to create a web site about that, help people understand what is drifting, how everything works.


Index page has latest news and information about drifting, events and videos. This page holds most important updates and whatever happens in our website


This page will hold all information about new events and their timetables, places and prices for entering.


Videos will contain just visual information about drifting, cars, people and events. This page holds a videos flash files and players from other web pages.


In this page we will always keep all events, their addresses, times, prices, dates.

I was using a very simple table to contain this webpage information.


Our company contact details, ask question, give us your feedback about website and events.


This page will hold only the references, so will have all web links where I have borrowed the information from.

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<!--Contents of the news section-->

Want a set of 15×8? Grid V wheels cheaper than ever before?</h4>

<p>We&rsquo;re over-stocked here at Driftworks at the moment and so a continued effort to clear some space in the warehouse for new lines of products we&rsquo;ve discounted the Rota Grid V in 15&times;8 ET0 4&times;100 in both the gorgeous gloss black and silver with polished lip. So you can now get them for 15% off RRP &ndash; This means that a set of four of these lovely wheels will now cost you just &pound;453.49 + delivery! All you have to do is order them online and use the discount code&nbsp;<!--Strong stands for Bold to make the text bold--><strong>DISCOUNTGRIDV</strong>&nbsp;to save &pound;76.51 off RRP. Click on the photos below to be taken through to the shop&hellip; and don&rsquo;t forget to use your discount! </p>

<!--Image link-->



<h4>AE86 CS2 Coilovers</h4>

<!--Image link-->


<!--Contents of the news section-->


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Web Site Background

Web site is in plain background color, because its much easier for user to understand the text and web site contents.

My page is really small and shot, so everything is just few click away from each other, this may help users to search and found what they want. Also my web site don’t have any adverts and link becouse this wont be nesseseraly, this may help atract more people, because some web sites has lots of uselles links and adverts which people see and leave the web site.

I chosen this simple design becouse its looks nice, easy to make and easy to navigate arouns, dar colors helps web site stick with man and cars, small readable contents helps easy to found what users are looking.

Contact section lets people contact us and give feedbacks about our web site.

Use of css how it help me to build the web site?

Cascading Style Sheets

CSS is very useful for creating webpage style, has useful codes and short cuts for a design. CSS specifies a priority scheme to determine which style rules apply if more than one rule matches against a particular element. In this so-called cascade, priorities or weights are calculated and assigned to rules, so that the results are predictable. CSS has a simple syntax and uses a number of English keywords to specify the names of various style properties. A style sheet consists of a list of rules. Each rule or rule-set consists of one or more selectors and a declaration block. A declaration-block consists of a list of declarations in braces. When I know all the codes of CSS its easy to navigate around and change sizes and colors of everything that I need.

London Metropolitan University

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our University Degree Computer Science section.

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