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RFID and GPS in Business

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8th of January 2010

DECLARATION: I hereby declare that the attached assignment is my own work. I understand that if I am suspected of plagiarism or another form of cheating, my work will be referred to the Academic Review Committee/Registrar, which may result in me being expelled from the program.


Submission Date

8th of January 2010


Advantages, Disadvantages and Implementation

of RFID and GPS in Business





For business environment, high technologic products are the most powerful weapon to obtain advantages for organizations. The management of an organization requires a huge number of tasks performing different roles. In the past, all the tasks are mostly performed by human being, so it takes a lot of time and money. With technology that is up-to-date days by days, there are many high technologic products that become important for organization. High technology helps organization perform the jobs so much better due to its advantages. That is why businesses now depends much on technology and sees it as a vital role.

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 of products. This leads to losses in profit. From that point, the cost of managing and keeping inventories is very high, so the companies always choose RFID as the best decision to control inventories. It is because the time and the cost to recognize the objects is less than other solutions. This results in more productivity. (Citation http://www.rfidc.com/docs/introductiontorfid.htm, retrieved on 4th Jan 2010). The second purpose is to reduce number of times doing a particular task. Trying to imagine what if the tasks of tracking and identifying items were done by human being. It is sure that there would be many mistakes created and then people have to do the whole process again and again. This leads to the result why people use RFID. It is obvious that if that task is done by RFID, there will be less error, so that there will be fewer situations that the task is redone. (Citation http://www.rfidc.com/docs/introductiontorfid.htm, retrieved on 4th Jan 2010). Another purpose of RFID is to obtain better security and services. An example of this is in banking, RFID is used to manage users’ account. Much information including monthly bill account, banking statements of users and the fraud avoidance are all organized by RFID. In these situations, RFID tag line of number on the ATM or credit card of the customer. That number presents as an account number and is read by any ATM that is located on the street sides, in the malls and in the banks.  The bank can recognize
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satellite errors or receiver errors. (Citation http://articles.techrepublic.com.com/5100-10878_11-5034522.html, retrieved on 7th Jan 2010.)

In conclusion, by understanding two high technologies which are RFID and GPS, it proves that technology is vital to business due to advantages about competitions, productivity and saving costs. Both technologies solve many problems for business and are implemented in reality by many organizations over the world. However, they are still need to be improved and developed better because of some limitations.


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