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The development of Easy office project portfolio management system

Extracts from this document...


School of Technology and Management

University of UEL BSc BIS


The development of  “Easy office” project portfolio management system.

Final year project interim-report

Nigel Kermode

Semester 6

Project manager and developer

Name: Kemal Bakirov

ID: xxxxxxxxx

Course: BSc in BIS, Semester 6

Title of the Project:The development of “Easy office” project portfolio management system.

Main objectives of the project:

The main objectives of the project are to combine my knowledge in PHP, MySQL and to create real-life project portfolio management system that would use by Project manager of small/medium businesses. Preliminary research is conducted to study software market and identify applications and system used currently   Detailed design is conducted to identify and cover all issues concerned with system. The implementation and coding phase as well testing phase will be conducted to make sure the sytem fulfils initial objectives and goals. The result and the knowledge that would be carried out from all the abovementioned stages of the project would be extremely useful for personal development as well as overall understanding of a project management.

System description:

The Easy office is a web-based project portfolio management application. With Easy office a project manager can plan, manage and organise a projects’ portfolio.

1. A project manager can create team members’ profiles.

2. A project manager can assign tasks to any team member. Define the urgency level of the project.

3. Check what the team is doing right now, when is the deadline.  

4. Check what projects were completed earlier.

5. What is going to be done in the future.

6. Everything is saved and available in database for future reference.

Main objectives of the system:

  1. To ease the project management
  1. to clearly define what the task objectives
  2. what is the deadline
  3. who is responsible for task completion
  4. what is the current stage of the task’s progress
  1. To save time and efforts regards to documentation work.
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    <td colspan="8">&nbsp;<br />

        &nbsp;<br />        </td>



    <td width="155" valign="top" height="370">

        <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="155" id="navigation">


          <td width="155" height="40"><a href="departments.php">Create Project</a></td>



          <td width="155" height="40"><a href="create_task.php">Create Task</a></td>



          <td width="155" height="40"><a href="javascript:;">Create department</a></td>



           <td width="155" height="40"><a href="javascript:;">Create profile</a></td>



           <td width="155" height="40"><a href="javascript:;">Create User</a></td>



           <td width="155" height="40"><a href="index.php">Home</a></td>



           <td width="155" height="40"><a href="javascript:;">Logout</a></td>



    <td width="1" bgcolor="#445DA0"><img src="mm_spacer.gif" alt="" width="1" height="1" border="0" /></td>

    <td width="50"><img src="mm_spacer.gif" alt="" width="50" height="1" border="0" /></td>

    <td colspan="2" valign="top"><img src="mm_spacer.gif" alt="" width="304" height="1" border="0" /><br />

        <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="304">


          <td height="41" class="pageName">Welcome Message Here</td>

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                employee_id INT(10) NOT NULL,

                project_id INT(10) NOT NULL,

                PRIMARY KEY (employee_id, project_id)


CREATE TABLE easy_office.department (

                department_id INT(10) NOT NULL,

                department_name VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL,

                PRIMARY KEY (department_id)


ALTER TABLE easy_office.employee_task ADD CONSTRAINT employee_employee_task_fk

FOREIGN KEY (employee_id)

REFERENCES easy_office.employee (employee_id)


ALTER TABLE easy_office.employee_project ADD CONSTRAINT employee_employee_project_fk

FOREIGN KEY (employee_id)

REFERENCES easy_office.employee (employee_id)


ALTER TABLE easy_office.employee_task ADD CONSTRAINT task_employee_task_fk

FOREIGN KEY (task_id)

REFERENCES easy_office.task (task_id)


ALTER TABLE easy_office.task ADD CONSTRAINT project_task_fk

FOREIGN KEY (task_project_id)

REFERENCES easy_office.project (project_id)


ALTER TABLE easy_office.employee_project ADD CONSTRAINT project_employee_project_fk

FOREIGN KEY (project_id)

REFERENCES easy_office.project (project_id)


ALTER TABLE easy_office.employee ADD CONSTRAINT department_employee_fk

FOREIGN KEY (employee_department_id)

REFERENCES easy_office.department (department_id)



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  1.  Wikipedia 2008, Enterprise Resource Planning system,  Retrieved March 10, 2008 from http://wikipedia.org/

...read more.

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