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The Physics Of Car Safety

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The Physics Of Car Safety Aim : To analyse the physics behind a car accident and a passive safety device used to reduce injury during an accident. Outline : To undertake a project looking at the parameters involved when a car is involved in a collision with a stationary object. To calculate the forces involved upon both the car and an occupant during an unrestrained collision at a specific speed. Develop the analysis to look at the effect of a safety device (crumple zones, a seat belt, or an air bag) on the severity of the impact for an occupant in the vehicle. To examine and analyse car accident data to illustrate the need or effectiveness of a specific passive device in reducing death and/or injury in road traffic accidents. ...read more.


Hints for Content & Presentation : You should take a standard family car as the vehicle for analysis. Make suitable assumptions about the mass of the vehicle and any other data you require to undertake the assignment. Your analysis should focus impact at a single speed of either 30 mph ( 48 km/h / 13 m/s) or 50 mph ( 80 km/h / 22 m/s) or 70 mph ( 112 km/h / 31 m/s)for the basis of any calculations. Remember that all calculations should be in SI units, this means ms-1, s, m, N etc. Your main report should be in the form of an 4 page A5 booklet, you should provide a full report with appendices for assessment and enough booklets for the rest of the group to also have one each. ...read more.


IT 3.1 Produce a word processed document using word97 or higher. Include a digital photo or image related to the chosen device. Use text formatting to enhance layout including:- * Superscript and subscript functions. * Italic, bold, and underlined functions. * Bulleted or numbered lists. * Space tabulation and text justification. Save document to disk. Print out draft and final versions of document. IT 3.2 Undertake and include details of internet searches made and used in the task. Internet results clearly used and adapted in the task. Page set up / formatting used to create 4 page A5 sized final document. Present accident data in both tabulated and chart form. Use spellchecker to ensure accuracy of typing. IT 3.3 Note. Criteria need arranging to fit in with 3.1/3.2 & 3.3 tasks. BISHOP STOPFORD'S SCHOOL AT ENFIELD PHYSICS KEY SKILLS ASSIGNMENT TOPIC - Forces & Motion. COURSE - AS LEVEL - 3 TITLE - (c) jdavis\Dec. 2000\4258.doc ...read more.

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