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Impact of Internet on Plagiarism. This paper aims to explore the reasons behind plagiarism and ways to avoid it thereby encouraging intellectual creativity.

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PLAGIARISM Plagiarism and the Impact of Internet Name University Professor Course title Abstract In today's fast paced, digitalized world, copying has become easier than ever before due to the availability of a vast number of resources at the click of a button. Studies conducted by several universities have indicated an alarming increase in the number of plagiarism related instances in the last few years. The availability of a large amount of information and the ease with which it can be accessed are together contributing heavily towards the increase in plagiarism. Most of the students who have been surveyed in recent times have admitted guilt to some form of plagiarism. Therefore, it has become extremely important to curb this disturbing tendency and spread awareness about the negative effects of cheating. This paper aims to explore the reasons behind plagiarism and ways to avoid it thereby encouraging intellectual creativity. TABLE OF CONTENT 1 Introduction 4 2 Internet and Plagiarism 4 2.1 Impact of internet 5 2.2 Reasons and Effects of Plagiarism 5 2.3 Avoiding Plagiarism 7 2.4 Developing Creative Thinking 8 3 Conclusion 10 1 Introduction The advent of technology and internet in the last decade has opened up several avenues for unlimited information access.


Considering all these factors, it has become imperative for the academic community to take a strong stand against plagiarism. 2.3 Avoiding Plagiarism The anti-plagiarism industry has been gaining more and more prominence in the last few years and educational institutions have started enforcing very strict guidelines to ensure that students do not cheat. Most of the institutions mete out severe punishments to offenders. Having said that, the subject of academic integrity is a debatable topic and since all the information available on internet is considered public, it is difficult to define intellectual property in a precise manner. Creating awareness is the first step towards preventing plagiarism and most institutions are taking steps to ensure awareness among students. There are also several resources available on the internet which give information about what constitutes plagiarism and what does not. Teachers are resorting to the use of plagiarism detection softwares to catch offenders. As mentioned before, there are several reasons which ultimately culminate in plagiarism. Apart from the ones mentioned in the previous section, there are also several internal factors which lead students to cheat. Procrastination, poor planning and time management, peer pressure, lack of subject knowledge etc are some of the contributing factors (Elliot, 2004).


The assignments can use borrowed ideas as long as they are properly paraphrased and cited. Paraphrasing means that the ideas of the author has to be translated into one's own words and thoughts thereby ensuring that the student has actually understood what the intention of the original author is. Peer reviews can be conducted wherever possible so that unintended instances of plagiarism and improper paraphrasing can be detected before actual submission of assignments. Group discussions, internal assignments, study groups etc are other different ways to promote and develop critical thinking thereby eliminating the need to plagiarise. Lack of understanding and critical thinking are directly related to cheating and developing the former will automatically lead to the elimination of the latter. 3 Conclusion Plagiarism has always been a part of the academic world even before technology and internet came into picture. While it is not possible to eradicate it completely from the academic context, efforts are being made to reduce it as much as possible to create a clean, healthy study environment and to promote critical thinking among students. It is the duty of every student to take the issue of plagiarism seriously and do their best to avoid it individually as well as collectively. By developing habits of logical thinking and original writing, students can contribute productively towards the future of the society.

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