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Metropolis film Analysis

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Metropolis Analysis Metropolis is arguably the first and most important science fiction film ever produced and is sets the standard as the archetype film of this genre or of films with similar generic conventions. The most significant quality of this film is that the special effects used in this sci-fi epic were groundbreaking at the time of the release and still have the power to amaze audiences. The silent film is based upon the futuristic city of metropolis set in 2026 or there about and it is based around various themes such as the struggle between the rulers and the working class, the ignorance of the individuals at the summit of the "Metropolis", human oppression and enslaved working conditions which the workers had to put up with. The themes are important as it gives us an idea of what the social and political issues were during the making of the film and as we already know Germany and most of the world was going through a stage of fascism and communism. ...read more.


The partition is illustrated through the use of the setting which seems like a grand roman stadium that is enclosed allowing the upper class people to be hidden away from the rest of Metropolis. At the beginning of the film we are shown the special effects of the era of film making which Metropolis was produced such as the abstract patterns of machinery and the art deco setting which would have wowed the audience. The audience would also have been amazed with the settings and misc en scene such as the equipment in the laboratory of Rotwang and the scientific apparatus which had special lighting effects such as the sizzling of an electric current at the time of the transformation of the Robot. Also another important aspect of the blockbuster is that it was a silent movie and most of the special effects would have been used to give the audience an indication of what was taking place for example the dissolve edit which was used between the transformation of the Robot and Maria would suggest change in the state of character. ...read more.


The backdrop of the experiment shows high technological machines with plenty of nuts and bolts with scientific apparatus such as test tubes. Lightning and bubbling effects whilst the experiment is taking place are also used and these for the present audience are conventions and effects which are familiar to our eyes as they are widely being used in horror movies. Metropolis in its day and age would have been seen as a big budget blockbuster with special effects and celebrity stars but the audience would likely have been suited for cult followers of this type of genre. Although the film wasn't very successful in the box office it set out what was to be the generic conventions which have influenced contemporary science fiction cinematography as many of the movie's iconography and themes are still relevant in modern day sci-fi. Although the narrative is very unrealistic of Metropolis it still gives us a historical perspective of how the science fiction genre has developed by setting an archetype for science fiction films to follow. Ahsan Ahmed 037723 - 1 - ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

A weak conclusion to an essay that contains some quite insightful observations.

Very early, the author establishes the basis for an excellent argument about the "deeper meaning" of the spectacular and phantasmatic iconography of Science Fiction movies, but despite some very good observations that would help to make such an argument, the essay never really develops beyond the notion that Metropolis set the standard for everything that was to follow.

3 stars

Marked by teacher Govinda Dickman 04/10/2013

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