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The Full Monty And Independence Day compared.

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The Full Monty And Independence Day By Samantha Bowman Both 'The Full Monty' and 'Independence Day' were extremely popular films of their time and are still widely watched across the world. Although they are very different in the way they were directed, and the subject material used. The films are very different because 'The Full Monty' is about six unemployed men from Sheffield who all need to think of a way to make money, fast. They all have their different reasons for wanting it. So they decide on becoming strippers for one night, and the film shows us how the go about it and the horrible disasters that occur in every day life. However 'Independence Day' is about the American government trying to be heroes (as always) and saving the world from alien attack. I think 'The Full Monty' was so popular because it portrays realism, but it also had extensive backing and money to it. Also, most of the cast then were not well known which is what makes it special because people can relate more to them as they are not big movie stars and they were brought up in the same sort of surrounding as us. It also does not relate to special effects, most of the scenery is real derelict buildings which gives it the some thing else. ...read more.


However in 'independence Day' when the first shot came on of the dark shadow covering the moon, I was interested straight away because I wanted to find out what it was and the way he did it you just knew something was going to happen, so it puts you in suspense. So I defiantly think he was successful in setting the first five minuets of the film. I think that use of denotation was very successful in 'The Full Monty' because what you saw and heard were mostly all true. The way the director portrayed the living conditions and unemployment in Sheffield and the use of connotation was just as successful because it promotes this idea that people actually live like this which makes it real. I think that in 'Independence Day' the use of denotation is successful because what you see with all the special effects. However the use of connotation is very poor I think because it promotes this idea that America are the hero's of the world and the impression that aliens actually exist. The first five minutes of 'The Full Monty' starts off by 'Fox Searchlight' coming up on the screen in white, simple lettering. Then a drum roll follows which is really powerful, it suggests a strong message. ...read more.


This symbolises America as the heroes, the saviours of mankind. Symbolic music crashes out. A dark shadow starts moving over the moon, towards Earth. You get the intuition that something dreadful is going to happen. The moon and Earth initially seem bigger than the shadow but then the shadow takes over and swamps Earth in size. This tells us whatever the shadow is going to bring will be bad because of it's size. We find out that the shadow is a spaceship and then the music rises to a crescendo as it moves over the screen in a menacing manner. The next shot is cut to Earth in the present, where the words "Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI) comes up on the screen. The song 'It's the end of the world as we know it' is playing in the background. Next shot is red flashing light that symbolises danger and a ringing phone is the next shot introducing characters via obvious problems with the monitors. The film I enjoyed the most was 'The Full Monty'. The reason for this is because I don't really enjoy watching films that are to over the top; 'Independence Day' has to many special effects. Unlike 'The Full Monty' it has a meaning much more than aliens in the film it has friendships, love, triumph and adversity and helping one another with the difficulty that life can bring. ...read more.

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