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Corporate Social Responsible

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Qi Ming Zeng English 310 Final Daft Corporate Social Responsible The term corporate socially responsibility (CRS) is a pervasive term in the business world; what exactly does it mean? CSR is an idea that corporations should consider the interest of the society and the environment, by taking responsibilities for the impacts they made in them. The practice of CSR has been a controversy debate within the corporate business world. I personally believe that corporations should only focus on their business and profit because the practice of CSR is such a problematic subject for corporations to deal with; corporations tend to create a lot of problems when they practice CSR. Corporate hypocrisy is one of the problems which associated with CSR. BP, an oil company which claims to be an environmentally conscious oil company that promised to be "Beyond Petroleum" (Bakan, 2004). Unfortunately when it comes down to business and profit, BP is just an ordinary oil company, and CSR is just empty promises they made to deceive their consumers. Norma Kassi, a member of the Gwich'sin Nation, is an Arctic indigenous people whose villages were built thousands of years ago went to BP's annual general meeting at London, trying to stop the drilling on the Arctic slope's costal plain. ...read more.


BP is not as socially and environmentally responsible as they claimed to be after all; in facts they are creating fatal impacts on the society and the environment. The pursuit of CSR results inefficient maintenance, which ultimately damages the society and the environment. It seems to me that when corporations do not practice CSR they do not tend to have problems with their maintenances. ExxonMobil, an oil company which did not focus on CSR has never been caught with corroded pipelines (Roberts, 2006). BP should have had focused more on the company's indispensable supplies rather than putting a massive of attentions on CSR. Maybe the pipelines in Alaska would not have had broken if BP had put more focus on their job, namely focus on profits; also Shugak would not have had suffered from all those burns. The practice of CSR does no goods to our society if corporations create fatal impacts during the processes of CSR. In order to avoid those major impacts, corporations should focus on their profession; one has to be able to take care of one's self first, before they can take care of others. ...read more.


Corporate hypocrisy is linked to our future image of corporations, the future corporations is based on our present images of corporations. Corporate hypocrisy has to be stopped before the whole business world gets influenced and started to practice this kind of behavior. Lack of maintenance is related to fatal impacts on the society and the environment, our society and environment might have to suffer just because of a particular company fails to provide an adequate mechanism for its company. Corporate scandal is correlated to the ability of how corporations have the power to commit crimes without the acknowledgement of the public, which granted corporations the power to do unlimited damages on our society and environment. The practice of CSR is such a problematic belief, it is better that the practice of CSR should not be encouraged among corporations. The practice of CSR does no good to our society and environment when it brings up more vital impacts and problems to our society. I believe that if corporations are focusing on their main job and goal, they would have less impact on our society and environment. The truly and most effective practice of CSR for corporations is basically for them to focus on their core business and fix problems that are with in the company, instead of the obsequious practice of CSR. ...read more.

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