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Health and safety

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Task 1 Sport development officer London Borough of Ealing Town Hall W10 JUA 1/2/2006 Ref: J00/2007 Dear Sirs As sports development officer for Ealing I will be organising a 5-a side football tournament for the secondary schools in our district. This will be held at the West London Academy on the 4th of May 2006, this tournament is open to all year 7 students aged 11-12. This tournament is open to students of mixed abilities and mixed gender. The health and safety of all is essential. All students will be provided with a health and safety checklist of equipment and safety issues. All students' requirements will need to be outlined in detail on the registration forms that will follow. The West London Academy has pledged to undertake a risk assessment identifying any hazards and chance of injury actually occurring. All aspects of safety including goal posts, netting, weather, footwear, personal equipment and good refereeing standards will be checked and health and safety guidelines adhered to. A CRB Disclosure will be obtained for all supervising Staff. Yours sincerely Development Officer. Jerome Okimo The Health & Safety at Work Act, 1974 (HSWA) is the main piece of legislation that will be relevant. The main aim of the Act is to make everyone, management, owners and employers, aware of the importance of Health & Safety and it the duty of the employers, as much as possible, to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of the people who work for the organisations as well as non-employees (customers, visitors & members of the general public), who are on the premises. ...read more.


It is not always obvious that someone is disabled and generally you will not know if a person has a 'hidden' impairment, such as a heart condition or arthritis, when you first meet them. The definition of a disabled person used in the DDA covers a wide range of people. These include people with long term health conditions such as diabetes, people with progressive conditions such as multiple sclerosis and people who have been diagnosed with HIV, cancer and multiple sclerosis. People with learning difficulties, mental health conditions, mobility impairments or those who are blind, partially sighted, and deaf or have impaired hearing are also covered by the DDA. This is not all the disabilities covered so if you're in doubt whether someone is covered by the DDA, you can contact the Disability Rights Commission helpline. Some people who do not consider themselves as disabled may also be covered by the DDA. These would include older people, who can sometimes think of their impairment purely as a part of ageing. There are many local access groups, which are made up of disabled people who want to improve the access in their communities, and these groups can often help with tricky problems or provide information on how other businesses have solved their access problems. Many local authorities also have access officers who can give basic advice on access issues. The Children's Act 1989 is the legislation that protects children. This legislation states that anyone working with children must obtain clearance from the Police and Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) ...read more.


* Following fire evacuation procedures to prevent death or injury. * Security, the safety and protection of children's prevent abuse. Evaluation David Lloyd Centres are mainly catering for over 18's and the activities are low risk therefore incidents of injury or abuse are minimal fire is a greater risk and fire safety should be paramount. H.O.A.C has a higher risk of injury or abuse because of the type of high-risk water activities and they cater mainly for schools and youth groups (under 18's) All staff at H.O.A.C must have been checked by criminal records bureau and have obtained a C.R.B disclosure certificate. Both organisations are very well respected and have good reputations their health and safety policies seem to cover their individual needs, Although David Lloyds are vague, on their Health and Safety guidelines. No serious injuries or deaths have occurred at either centre due to poor health and safety, therefore the implementation of health and safety and its management is good. Task 3 In addition, to displaying the playground, safety poster in all key areas of W.L.A. A copy of the poster in A5 should be sent home to all parents/guardians of pupils and a contract signed by parent/student agreeing to abide by these rules and in turn the School will monitor and enhance its health and safety procedures to keep students safe. W.L.A will review and evaluate its health and safety procedures to keep students safe. W.L.A will review and evaluate health and safety procedures every 3 months and any changes notified to parents and students by letter posted home and printed in newsletter and W.L.A website. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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