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University Degree: Nursing

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  1. The aim of this essay is mainly to explain my understanding and experience of interprofessional working. I will explore the different aspects related to this concept, the reason for interprofessional working and the policies behind it, the notion of user

    Part 2. At the beginning of the session, in small groups, we worked through the set triggers. We were six people in my group and, after introducing ourselves, we proceeded to designate a scribe person among us. We failure, however, to designated a chair person, a person that could lead the group, manage feedback and who could encourage all members of the group to participate. This was due, I believe, to the fact that no one in the group felt confident in taking on this role, and also due to a lack of motivation among all of us.

    • Word count: 2780
  2. My chosen skill is to assist the patients to feed and drink. I have chosen this skill because I believe that it is a very important task, research and my personal experience has showed me that it is common in the hospital setting for patients to need ass

    Moreover, I will explore the importance of understanding and respecting other cultures to overcome barriers when feeding the patient and will give some examples of how other cultures perceive food. Finally, I will identify the professional, legal and ethical issues related with assisting the patient to eat and drink being aware of codes of practice and personal accountability. I will also speak about "protected meal times" policy that was implemented to focus on the patient's individual needs. Newton (1991) believes that nursing models provide the foundation to nursing practice but also using the same nursing model can guarantee validity and "continuity" to patient individualised care.

    • Word count: 3991
  3. Nursing case studies - planning a clinical trial and the importance of documentation.

    Evidenced based practice Evidenced based practice includes, the discussion of the research process overshadowed, discussions of the relevance of the findings, and how they related to the clinical work [Potter & Perry's fundamentals of nursing - Crisp &Taylor (2005)]. EBP is the use of the evidence for the improvement of quality and outcomes of health care. Karla should go through the following process of EBP [Medical Surgical Nursing - Lewis S N, Heitkmper M M, Dirksen S R (2000)] Providing a clinical trial She has to prove herself with the new method in the clinical setting a success.

    • Word count: 2295
  4. Systematic approaches to client care

    I was also nervous about giving injections. The only injection that has been available for me to administer is Enoxaparin. The session that I attended at university provided me with the knowledge to administer the subcutaneous injection safely but it wasn't until I had to administer on in practice that I became nervous. After discussion with my mentor on how to administer the medication and knowing that he was there to supervise me provided me with the confidence to give the injection to the client. Afterwards my mentor praised me on my effort and after that the procedure for giving subcutaneous injections became second nature, as there was plenty of opportunity to practice.

    • Word count: 4029
  5. Systematic approaches to client care

    For the purpose of this assignment I gained consent form the client that I wish to study. From the evidence that I gather for this case study I hope to identify and plan to meet care needs based on an assessment of a client whilst providing evidence that shows that I recognise the importance of providing and maintaining accurate records. The client that I will be basing this case study on was admitted on to the ward where I was on placement with exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

    • Word count: 4734
  6. Reflecting on a specific clinical need, for example pressure area care, nutrition, moving and handling etc; discuss whether the care provided was based on current best evidence

    No where in this time was any counselling or advice given to Mr. A as to what he could expect, or how he would feel if his result returned as positive. In this case, the specific clinical need focussed on will be the recommended counselling provided to Mr. A during his consultation with a nurse. According to the Oxford English Dictionary and Thesaurus (2001), counselling is defined as "process in which esp. Professional help is given for emotional or psychological problems". While it could be argued that on arriving at the Genitourinary medicine clinic Mr.

    • Word count: 2114
  7. Discuss the Care of one patient from a participating placement area that demonstrates establishing a therapeutic relationship in the short term setting including advocacy and the use of clinical science knowledge.

    The HIV organism belongs to a family of viruses known as retroviruses, meaning that their genetic information is carried as ribonucleic acid (RNA) rather than deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). The virus itself favours the T-Helper cell of the body's immune system, but must first gain entry to the cell. Within the immune system, the T-helper cell acts as a director: it has no ability to directly fight infection. Rather, antigens from antigen-presenting cells are presented to it, which then bind to the CD4 receptor.

    • Word count: 2795
  8. A critique of a research article from a professional journal

    Therefore, as an adult nurse, I can see that the correct education in relation to asthma as a child can only benefit the patients that I take care of in the future. A possible specific question that the researchers aim to answer is presented as part of an introductory sentence. The overall aim of the study appears to be to improve asthma care by trying a different method of information-giving (i.e. multimedia presentation). The question appears to be equivocal: according to Cormack and Benton (2000)

    • Word count: 4240
  9. Reflective Essay

    The patients on the ward did not require help with their personal cleansing and feeding as those previously cared for. Consequently, I felt some confusion as to the skills required in the care of these apparently self caring patients. Upon reflection I was still working and thinking in a task orientated way and to be exposed to an area where other nursing skills were required left me feeling a little unsettled. Douglas (1999) suggests that the task approach is often taken by student nurses as a "haven" that offers security.

    • Word count: 5426
  10. Nursing Ethics

    The recommendation and rationale to withdraw treatment was put to her next of kin, as the patient was incapable of making a decision, to which they agreed (Tilden et al 2001). The decision was then made to ensure the patient remained comfortable and pain free. According to the rulings of the case NHS Trust A v. M and NHS Trust B v. H (2001) regarding the withdrawal of life sustaining treatment from a patient it was shown that it was the right of the patient to receive such treatment according to Article 2 of the Human Rights Act (2000).

    • Word count: 2417
  11. Handwashing. The hand hygiene practices of nursing students are an important area to examine because nursing students are the future work force and pre-registration training provides the opportunity to address any factors leading to non-compliance with h

    It is from this background that I want to explore more and find out if student nurses comply with hand hygiene practice whilst in clinical areas. In order to have the answers to the above inquiry, I am going to examine various academic research studies that have been carried out on hand hygiene among nursing students in clinical areas. I intend to outline the main themes identifiable in the literature reviewed as well as give a short summary of the main issues and identify the gaps in current academic knowledge.

    • Word count: 2369
  12. Identify an area of nursing practice and demonstrate an understanding of its importance in patient care.

    (whether by speech, writing, or signs)." (Oxford University Press, 2008). One integral part of communication in nursing which can be overlooked, is listening. Often this is an area where nurses assume it is something that is done automatically. However, there is a distinction between the physical function of hearing, which can be a passive activity, to listening that is an active process. When listen actively, meaning is attached on to what the patient is conveying (Dougherty & Lister, 2008). Listening can be seen a basic nursing skill, and is needed to demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the patient's needs and feelings.

    • Word count: 2005
  13. I have escorted one young woman recently who had discovered she was pregnant but did not want to continue with the pregnancy. I was unaware of this fact until we were actually in the scanning room. The woman did not show any interest whatsoever in wh

    On a regular basis I have to escort very young women to the ultrasound department who may well be on their second or even third pregnancy, many of these young women are not in a stable relationship. I have escorted one young woman recently who had discovered she was pregnant but did not want to continue with the pregnancy. I was unaware of this fact until we were actually in the scanning room. The woman did not show any interest whatsoever in what the ultrasonagrapher was saying to her and displayed no interest in the monitor which clearly showed the pregnancy, which was viable.

    • Word count: 1920
  14. This assignment is based upon an experience encountered where a patient admitted to the Accident and Emergency department died suddenly and was later transferred to the mortuary.

    John's (2000) describes reflection as a window through which the practitioner can examine oneself in relation to their own lived experience in ways that allows for understanding towards resolving the contradictions within their practice between what is desirable and actual practice. To protect patient confidentiality as stated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (2000) the patient concerned will be referred to as David throughout the assignment. David was a married man in his early seventies, he had enjoyed good health until recently when he started to suffer with hypertension and angina.

    • Word count: 2241
  15. Free essay

    Patent-care study. Kirsty is a seventeen-year-old young lady who was diagnosed with Crohns Disease when she was thirteen years old.

    Characteristics of primary nursing according to Mead (1991, cited in Walsh, 1997) include accountability for the nursing care of the patient, patient-centred care, continuity of care, confirmation of a ward philosophy, changes in ward organization and skill mix, and patient and family participation in care planning. Each bay on the ward has at least one primary nurse (when staffing levels improve, it is the aim of the ward to have two primary nurses in each bay, each nurse allocated with their own patients)

    • Word count: 3279
  16. The Impact of Policy on Practice-analysis of a critical incident related to interprofessional delivery of health and/or social care (LO3,4) which demonstrates ability to set the situation in context (LOs 1,2) Evidence contained within PPPD

    After doing so Sarah relayed her findings and decision to change his catheter to his GP who instructed treatment. Sarah informed the Taylor's about the specific measures which would be taken to clear the infection. The measures used reflected those identified by Alexander et al (2006) who stressed that most catheter-associated urinary tract infections are treatable using antibiotics and removing or changing the catheter. Sarah documented all treatment given and ensured Mr Taylor's medical records were up-to-date. This would enable any subsequent carers to access clear and concise medical records for future care. Good medical records prevent ambiguity, misdiagnosis and ill-treatment of patients.

    • Word count: 6574
  17. Primary Care and the Adult Nursing Patient 'Write a critical account of the health needs of a patient with a long term condition you have met/cared for in the community'

    He was therefore referred to a multidisciplinary foot care team. In order to determine appropriate treatment according to Clinical knowledge Summaries; National Health Service (CKS) (NHS 2009) the team would asked the patient numerous questions. By reviewing Mr Thompson's medical notes they could identify any history of foot complications and may require repeat, altered treatment methods and medical advice if no foot care advice had been given previously. Mr Thompson stated that whilst he had initially followed all advice given by medical staff he had been very negligent since becoming a widower and this had not been the first time he had required such assistance.

    • Word count: 3459
  18. Primary health care services in the community

    According to Reed and Sanderson (1999) Occupational therapy could be described as the use of purposeful activity with individuals from various types of backgrounds who may be limited by physical injury or illness, psychosocial dysfunction, developmental or learning disabilities, poverty and cultural differences or the aging process in order to maximize independence, prevent disability and maintain health. According to Holland et al (2008) maintaining a safe enviroment is a basic human survival skill and the assessment and provision of the correct aids is essential for normal everyday life to be achieved.

    • Word count: 2978
  19. Literature review. In this academic assignment the student will critically review the following article Verbal abuse experienced by nursing students. The student will attempt to critically review the article by using an evaluative framework.

    However one point in which it lacks information is as to where and by whom to the abuse occurs. It should have made reference to the fact that the survey was conducted on third year students and that the abuse occurred in the various disciplines and clinical areas. The Authors According to Graham (2004) it is important to know the authors credentials when reading an article. It can help to define the trustworthiness, the significance, or the importance of the conclusions reached in the article.

    • Word count: 2353
  20. Case study of a child with asthma

    Both of his parents are smokers and the family live in a two storey house which has carpets throughout. According to Kirschmann (2006) dust mites which are regularly found in carpets are an allergen known to cause asthma attacks. David shares his bedroom with his younger brother. Also his mother suffered from the condition as a child. Naspitz et al (2001) suggests that a family history of asthma greatly increases a child's chance of inheriting the condition. Patho-Physiology During an asthma attack a number of changes occur in the person's respiratory tract. The symptoms of an asthma attack usually begin when the person is exposed to an allergen which causes their body to go into a process which is known as inflammation.

    • Word count: 2271
  21. Free essay

    What is mental health?

    Many people face prejudice and discrimination. It is like a dichotomy - division 'us' and 'them' (Magyary 2002, p.332). Concepts of normal/abnormal; good/bad; beautiful/ugly is defined (Sayce, 1998, p.331). But how can normal be defined? E.g.: societies and cultures define concepts of moral, normal, and beautiful differently (Reynolds et al, 2007 p.1611). It appears, we try to fulfil our basic needs of physical and mental health, safety, and sense of "belongingness" (Maslow 1970) (appendix 1); believing, in the normality concept of behaviour and actions, conditioned to us by culture and society (Reynolds et al 2007, p.1611-1612).

    • Word count: 2595
  22. I focus my essay on a patient who suffers from urine incontinence following a cerebrovascular accident/stroke. For the reason that, I am interest in the causes of urine incontinence post-stroke, and the impact that it has both physically and psychological

    Mr Smith had a stroke defined by Tortora & Derrickson (2006 p517) as a brain attack causing injury or death to parts of the brain due to an interruption in the blood supply. Because a stroke is a brain injury, the effects, or symptoms, will depend on the part of the brain that is affected (Michael 2006 p21). In Mr. Smith case in accordance with Thibodeau & Patton (2002 p280) the right hemisphere of the brain controls the movement of the left side of the body.

    • Word count: 1562
  23. Reflection on personal learning needs

    The four main Learning styles defined by Honey & Mumford (1992) in the questionnaire are Activist, Reflector, Theorist and Pragmatist. I found out my learning style score is evenly spread between the four learning styles (appendix 4). Using the Gibbs Reflective Model (1998), I reflected on theory and practice occasions (appendix 5-9), and achieved the following conclusion about my learning styles strengths, and weaknesses My strengths: I am flexible and open minded; adaptable to change; keen to put ideas, theories and techniques into practice; and think through problems in a logical manner.

    • Word count: 1298
  24. Reflect upon the development of your clinical skills in relation to the assessment and management of a patient who was acutely unwell. Vikki is a sixty-eight year old woman who has had a total hip replacement athroplasty one day ago following a diagnosi

    Prior to surgery Vikki's hip had caused severe disablement and had impacted greatly on her daily living activities. According to Adams and Hamblen (2001) a total hip replacement athroplasty is when the femoral head is excised and replaced with a metal prosthesis. Description of Event: It was a usual day on the ward; I was once again responsible for six post-operative patients under the supervision of my mentor. On observation Vikki seemed to be having difficulty in breathing and was sitting in an upright position looking very distressed.

    • Word count: 2140
  25. Policy and Practice

    (Appendix "B") which is a tool used to complete a hand washing and hand hygiene audit. During this audit Helen and student sat down for twenty minutes and observed the health professionals and other people in the room to see whether or not they used the opportunities available to wash their hands. Using the LOT the health professionals observed by Helen and the student within the clinical area used every given opportunity to wash or sanitise their hands using either soap and water or the alcohol gel. On the ward was a patient who shall be called Carol who was receiving Infliximab which is an intra-venous medication used to treat auto-immune disorders, Carol was receiving it for Crohn's Disease.

    • Word count: 3647

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