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Research Awareness. As a student nurse, my research will be searching for articles relating to respect and dignity in end of life care,

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________________ Contents Page 2 ? Intoduction Pages 3-5 ? Method Page 6-7 ? Findings Page 8 ? Reflection Page 9 ? Reference Page ________________ Introduction This assignment will be an individual report, of a search of literature, on the topic of respect and dignity. As the topic of respect and dignity is so broad, I wanted to focus my search on respect and dignity in end of life care. This was chosen as my clinical placement area, has a small number of patients that are for end of life care. I wanted to gain knowledge and develop my understanding on this topic, as this will benefit me in my clinical placement and further on in my nursing career. According to the NMC code of conduct, all nurses and midwives must follow the code, which lays out standards of conduct and ethics, one of which is ?make the care of people your first concern, treating them as individuals and respecting their dignity?.(NMC 2010). Firstly this report will show why research is important to the nursing profession and any other health profession. I will then identify search strategies I used including key words, dates and exclusions. The report will describe the tools I used, such as databases and indexes and why I chose them. Also the report will include my findings on articles that were appropriate to my topic and why I retrieved these articles and also articles I excluded and the reasons why. ...read more.


I still wanted to reduce the amount of articles, to which I decided to do an advanced search, I chose to change the language to English as I had noticed a few articles were French and German, I also included searching within the full text of the articles. However without realising, I ended up expanding my search hits to 537, to get the hits down again I changed the date of the articles to just 2011, this gave me 47 hits. I finally got the hits down to 12 by adding an extra keyword ?promoting?. Unfortunately none of these articles seemed relevant to my topic area. Continuing with my search I came out of the databases and went onto SUMMONS which is a library catalogue within the University. I began my search again by entering the keywords ?respect and dignity?, which gave me a massive 84,763 hits, I changed the content type to journal article which narrowed the results down to 52,276. Obviously I was not going to look through all of these articles; I still needed to narrow my search results down so I went onto advanced search and added the words ?end of life? and ?promoting?, which gave me 3,471 hits. I also changed the date range from 2010-2011, the language was changed to English and the subject terms to nursing. This gave me 28 hits, however I finally narrowed my hits down to 4 by going back into advanced search and putting the keywords ?respect and dignity? to be in the title. ...read more.


Overall the databases were fairly good, especially CINAHL, I found this fairly easy to use, I would definitely use this database again if I needed to look for articles in the future. I was pleased with the results I found from the HMIC database, I was disappointed I could not retrieve the full articles, maybe this was because I was using the computer from home, not the computer at the university, next time I will have to test this out. I enjoyed searching on summons too as this is very straight forward to use and has plenty of articles to choose from, however it was only the one article that related to my topic. If I was to do this search of literature again, I would probably look at newspaper articles to get to know what peoples experiences and feelings are of a loved one who has had end of life care. What were the positives and negatives of their experiences and what improvements if any would they suggest. I would also do a Google search on my topic as this could lead to many sites relating to respect and dignity in end of life care. I have learnt from this assignment that some databases have the same articles in their results, but yet some don?t, even if the same keywords were entered. I have also learnt what a difference just one word makes, how it can narrow your search results down from 100 articles to just a couple. ...read more.

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