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"Art upsets, science reassures" (Braque). Analyze and evaluate this claim.

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"Art upsets, science reassures" (Braque). Analyze and evaluate this claim Bakor Al-tayar- At first view this statement can mean that art is not beautiful, and that science is- this view is the opposite of the general view of art and science that people hold. To average people art has the stereotype of being beautiful and soothing; science on the other hand holds the power for destruction. Art is something that is highly subjective and extremely hard to define- yet most objects can be differentiated by most people as being objects of art or mere simple objects. What is to be known is that there are various forms of art- such as paintings, poetry and music. Because of the complexity of the definition of art; the assumption that the reader knows what art is will be done and the definition will not be given. Science is a broad subject as well- there are various types of sciences fitting in three categories, natural sciences, social sciences and mathematics. The sciences that will be observed in the analysis of the given claim are the social sciences, and the natural sciences; as they are different from each other yet are still sciences. ...read more.


Thus there is no positive message in this play, only a led heavy one- which leaves the public uneasy, disturbed. It is necessary to know that this play is based on a real event, as most art is supposed to represent a certain aspect of reality. If art is upsetting, it maybe because it represents reality in an awful way or because it represents a harsh and hard reality- as is the case here. The second and last play Beaumarchais' The Wedding of Figaro is the opposite of the past two plays mentioned. It is a comedic representation of the 18th century aristocracy. It is the story of a man a servant (Figaro) that wants to marry his colleague female servant (Suzanne)- but won't be given the permission until the Count is given the right to "deflower" Suzanne. The play is thus the battle of Figaro, a low class man but with education- to obtain his right to marry Suzanne without losing any of her virginal aspect, against his chief. He does so by making the count the ridicule of the whole play, and thus dropping his social level. This sort of revolt gave hope, strength, and happiness to the common public which consisted at the time of a majority of 3rd class people. ...read more.


Medicine is a reassuring science in general- it works to save the lives of men and women, or make them better. Though certain remedies, for example against gangrene involve a forever lasting scare- an amputation. This idea might be disturbing to some, but less so than that of dying because of gangrene. Science has also improved our life style by having a higher level of technology- things are much easier today then they used to be, especially communication: this is pleasing, relaxing, helping,- all positive feelings, thus it can be said that in this perspective science is reassuring. But one must not forget the Atom bomb, biotechnological weapons, and other arms of destruction. These are not pleasing at all- they are more upsetting then they are releaving- they incite destruction, chaos and death- all aspects of life that are feared and disliked. Because of that, one that is ethical must agree that they are upsetting. Even though weapons are said to maintain peace in the end they seldom do. They may keep peace, but it is a forced one- as in Hiroshima, during WW2- in my opinion Japan surrendered only to avoid having more deaths. In conclusion the statement is right to a certain extent, but it should sound more as such: "art and science have the power to both upset and reassure". Word count: 1575 words. ...read more.

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