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Fay Godwin, a biography.

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  • Essay length: 996 words
  • Submitted: 28/03/2009
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AS and A Level Art & Design

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Fay Godwin first became interested in photography in the mid-1960s as a result of taking pictures of her young children. Alongside early portrait work, she developed a sophisticated landscape practice, often collaborating closely with writers to produce in depth surveys of particular rural topics or regions. Her photography has sometimes been linked to a tradition of romantic representations of the British landscape, in the manner of Bill Brandt or Edwin Smith. But, as a socialist and active environmentalist, Godwin makes the land in her photographs reveal traces of its history, through mankind's occupation and intervention.

Critical Analysis

This image is called "The Trough Area at Chivas"; it was part of a 1982 book and exhibition, 'The Whisky Roads of Scotland'. The subject of the study was whisky manufacture in the northeast. This is a picture in black and white with the foreground blurred because of the movement of the worker. Five verticals line are disposed on the floor to show the profundity of the place and series of barrel roll are left of the picture. The background is described as a bright light and four range of light on the ceiling.

Contextual Analysis


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