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The Turner Prize

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Persuasive Essay Nathan McLennan, 5 Kintyre B The Turner Prize Recently, considerable media attention has again been given to the critically acclaimed Turner Prize and its entries. The Turner Prize is awarded to a British artist who is under 50 years old for an outstanding presentation or exhibition of their work in the twelve months preceding the judgement date (usually in May). The Prize was established by Tate's Patrons of New Art in 1984. The Turner Prize is widely recognised as one of the most important and prestigious awards for the visual arts in Europe. There are no surprises that a work of classical media (i.e. paint) failed to clinch the elusive prize, but paintings are rarely seen, or even short-listed. ...read more.


by Martin Creed caused a stir in the media and with the general public forcing the old question - is that art? Many other works have had the same or similar effect on the media and general public, but perhaps the most universally known Turner prize entry of recent times was from Damien Hirst, his name was preserved and famed by his highly controversial series of mutilated and mummified livestock displayed in formaldehyde. Some argue that this is not art, only "sensationalist collectables" designed for one sole purpose - to shock. What could be more shocking than two congruent tanks with a cow in each displayed in full post mortem? When thinking about this competition the 'Emperor's clothes' come to mind. It seems that gradually the competition has metamorphosised into something abstract and warped - all for the cause of 'something new.' ...read more.


Emin exposes her life to the public through her art. Her "hopes, humiliations, failures and successes" are displayed through the media of drawings, film-making, neon, painting, photography, sculpture and appliqu�d blankets. Unlike J.M.W. Turner, who translated his feelings by hand into the picture - a picture most importantly that everyone could identify with. In conclusion, I feel the whole Turner Prize and Tate Gallery fraternity have been locking themselves away in their own self-importance since 1984. But there is public interest in the works - as has been shown through the appearance of many Tate Galleries throughout Britain and the extension of the original Tate Gallery, being renamed 'Tate Britain.' But are people genuinely interested in the art? Or is the pull of visiting a Tate Gallery just a chance to expose themselves to something weird or new? 1 ...read more.

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