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A Comparison of the Advantages and Disadvantages, between Digital and Non-Digital Communication

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A Comparison of the Advantages and Disadvantages, between Digital and Non-Digital Communication Before I even begin with this assignment, I think it is essential, that I give a clear definition of what I believe digital and non digital communication actually mean. The following definition comes from the Oxford and Cambridge dictionary. digit (NUMBER) noun [C] any one of the numbers 0 through 9 6735 is a four-digit number. digital adjective [not gradable] recording or showing information in the form of numbers, esp. 0 and 1 The old movie was re-released with digital sound. A digital watch or clock shows the time with numbers that change as the time changes. digitize verb [T] to put (information) into the form of a series of the numbers 0 and 1, usually so that it can be processed electronically to digitize sound The word digital obviously originates from the word digit, meaning number, and although difficult to explain the exact meaning of digital, in layman's terms it is a means of converting information into a binary code, of 0 and 1. ...read more.


When the tape is played back, what we hear is a representation of the original sound, first recorded. Today every form of media, is capable of incorporating some form of digital aspect, within the way it is communicated to us and the "digital revolution" is growing at an astounding rate. It could be argued that it is the biggest change over of technology since the industrial revolution. The digital boom, started to take of in the masses in the early 80s with the increase in home computers, and digital cable television, these are arguably the biggest influences on the increase of " going digital" and the technology that is available to the world today. It is estimated that one in three people in the U.K has accesses to the internet, the world wide web, being on huge digital library easily accesses from home. If you are well trained in the use and manipulation of the internet it is said that it is possible you can find information on any subject, and any person, without even leaving your seat. ...read more.


This has obviously increased efficiency and communication, with in companies a hundred times over. Its also given more opportunity for friends and family in different parts of the world, to stay in touch. It is now possible to send E-birthday and Christmas cards, which like any other document or image which has been sent, can be printed out, and kept as a "hard copy" if you wish. The way and efficiency in which the e-mail system works is definitely a benefit or an ability only digital communication has. An example of this, in its simplest form, is that I have just mailed this essay, as it is, to my E-mail account, where I can collect it still in its exact original form and continue with it on a college computer, or for that matter any other internet ready computer in the world. Without this system, I would have to physically take the assignment with me to my destination or simply start again, if I had lost or forgotten it. ?? ?? ?? ?? Paul Thompson Digital Communication. ...read more.

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