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A Report on the new technology available for Manderson PLC and the business implications of this.

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A Report on the new technology available for Manderson PLC and the business implications of this There are many different types of technology available to Manderson PLC. They can use them to help run the department store, safely as well as in a high- tech fashion. To help Manderson PLC safe from shoplifters there are three basic options, which Manderson has to take into consideration when considering shoplifters: (1) They can watch everyone in the store and make sure they don't steal anything. Manderson PLC could do that by using security guards and/or video surveillance systems; (2) They can make things hard to remove from the store by bolting them down, attaching cables, putting things in display cases and behind the counter; (3) They can use a system that attaches special tags onto everything so that an alarm goes off whenever a shoplifter tries to walk out with an item. There are disposable tags. These are basically paper tags and labels. They are available in many different types -- pressure-sensitive labels with simulated bar codes, tags or labels that can be imprinted with price, inventory, promotional or bar-code information, and tags specially designed for products such as earrings, compact discs and cosmetics, which are all items easily pocketed by shoplifters. These thin, backed labels can be as small as a paper clip and can be easily disguised to look like standard retail tags. Computer technology has had a huge impact on the way businesses are organised- both in making products and in communicating information. ...read more.


So if Manderson use this idea they could gradually progress and this could probably change. They could become a very popular department store. Computerised electric telecommunications have created a global village in terms of the immediacy within which people across the world can share conversations, televised pictures, and interactive software on VDU's, maps, graphics, and circuits. The process of making decisions has also increased in speed due to the instant access to databanks of information held in huge mainframe computer memory banks. A disadvantage to all of this would be that employees, managers' etc wouldn't have much time to properly understand and provide feedback to the large amounts of information inputted everywhere. Fax, email, telex, tele / video conferencing and telephone link ups now have a complex policy and strategy decisions which can be made across the world. Due to the electronic technology, jobs, working locations and cultures are likely to change. The term 'telecommuting' is already being used for people who work from home, who are linked to the office by modem and computer terminal. Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN / WAN) messaging systems, fax, telex and view data communication modems used as a personal computer enable a manager, secretary etc to access world wide communication links without even having to move from their desk. Manderson PLC would find this very useful when considering the companies' expansion in technology. The amount of face to face oral communication, across the office desk or around tables will also decrease because of computer based videos, telephone or computer screen hook ups. ...read more.


This is quicker than finding the worker in person. Sometimes, it can also be used to make customer announcements, which means that it falls into external communication as well as internal communication. The advantages to this method of communication would be: * It is easier to contact a member of staff. * Easy to make an announcement as everyone will be told at once not individually. * Loud so everyone can hear. * Encourages organisations to use electronic means of communication. The disadvantages to using a tannoy would be: * Organisations would rely too much on using this method of communication, as it is more efficient than face-to-face communication. * Has a high cost to purchase and run. * Power failures could cause it to stop working, and slow down the speed of how the organisation works. * Can be irritating to customers trying to do shopping. * Interference from mobile phones could cause noise. * Sound quality is not always clear. This also has open channels as everyone can hear what the announcement is about. This is also a method of communication as the message being sent is spoken not written. Manderson PLC would find this very useful for contacting employees or customers around the store. Developments in information and communication technology could change the way people work. Today's employees have much more information at their fingertips and can communicate information quickly and effectively. Changes in ICT for Manderson PLC can often lead to increased productivity. This means Manderson PLC can be competitive. ...read more.

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