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Acquisition of staff - Human Resource Planning.

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Module 2: Acquisition of staff Human Resource Planning The key issue of HR planning is for organisations to put in place a comprehensive and ongoing analysis of their human resource requirements. In summary, HR planning should: - Contribute to the organisations overall business planning, and convert its strategic and business decisions into HR policies and programmes. Planning in general involves making decisions in advance. In the case of HRM, these decisions will include assessing the demand for human resources in terms of the number and type of people required, and matching it with the available supply. The main elements of systematic HR planning include: 1 Defining organisational objectives 2 Determining the principles and elements of the planning process 3 Assessing future demand for human resources 4 Assessing current human resources and projecting availability 5 Producing the detailed plan 6 Monitoring the implementation of the planning process HR planners should typically consider the mission and the strategic objectives of the organisation, ...read more.


Many of the other downstream HR activities also make use of the data gathered. Elements of job analysis: Factors such as age, appearance and health must be considered in light of the Human Rights Act. Information Systems The development of information technology has provided HR management with a new and valuable tool. The introduction of computer-based human resource information systems has had an important impact on HR practice by enabling the creation of databases that provide access to such employment information as personal details, current position data, employment history, qualifications and training, leave, remuneration and benefits, and career development plans. Much of this information, including job analysis data, has an important role in developing a planning database. The development of information technology is constantly changing the ways in which HRM is practiced as new applications are introduced and HR specialists recognise the contribution that an effective information system can provide to HR practice. ...read more.


An important tool for prospective employees is a curriculum vitae. Selection The process of choosing the best person for the job. Validity - the ability of the selection device to measure what it is designed to measure Reliability - The selection devices consistency of measurement over time The next stage in the staff acquisition process is that of selecting the best people from the pool of applicants. The primary objective here is to predict how well an individual will perform a particular job in the organisation. Various selection methods have been developed to assist employers in the decision-making process. The choice of method will depend on the particular requirements of the job and the practicality of the selection method. Selection methods in order of validity (effectiveness), include: 1. Job try-out 2. Peer assessment 3. Situational interviews 4. Assessment centres 5. Biodata 6. Cognitive Tests 7. Perceptual Tests 8. Mechanical Tests 9. Personality Tests 10. Casual Panel interviews 11. Work experience 12. Self Assessments 13. ...read more.

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