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Explain why human resource planning is so important to an organization.

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1 Explain why human resource planning is so important to an organization Planning is very important to our everyday activities; it is not easy as one might think because it requires someone to come out with a programme that would make your work easy. Human resource planning is important to an organization because it develops the strategies for matching the size and skills of the workforce organizational needs. Human resource planning help assist organizations to recruit, retain, and optimize the development of the personnel needed to meet the business objectives and to response to change in the external environment. HR planning involves gathering of information, making objectives and making decisions to enable the organizations achieve its objectives. The organization objectives and strategies for the future determine future needs of human resource. It means number and mix of human resources are reaction to the overall organizational strategy. It follows different procedures including the need to assess the impact of technological changes and new jobs and new skills. There are four main reasons for human planning human planning 1. It encourages employers to develop clear link between their business plan and their HR plans so that they can bring together the two effectively 2. Organization can control staff costs and numbers employed more efficiently. 3. Employees can build up a skill profile for each of their employees. This makes it easier for employers to give them work where they are most value to the organization 4. It creates a profile of staff, which related to gender, race and disability. If HR planning works effectively the outcomes will be... * Employees are stretched to their full potential to benefits the organization. * Employees do challenging work, which motivates them * Overtime is only done when vitally necessary * Employees are properly qualified to the job given to them. Example: KPN came out with the new wireless modem their staff would need to operate the system before, but also present complex IT equipments must to handle. ...read more.


an outcome that satisfies such needs when performed at high levels and contribution to the organization, as Maslow hierarchy of needs, Herzberg's motivator-hygiene theory and McClelland's needs for achievement, affiliation and power. Their theories are probably the most popular motivation theories. Since Marriott hotel is a big sized building, housekeeping will wants to be satisfied before they can move onto the next level such as Maslow level-What the organization can do Physiological needs-Competitive salaries, not because they only just clean but because of housekeeping is why the rooms and clean and appropriate for guest. They should be given a good paid salary Security needs-Safety working condition, knowing the chemicals they use to clean with are not harm to them. Social needs -they are be able to work at social events, say now where celebrities or important people are at stay give them to work on those days. Self-esteem needs-Giving those feed backs, letting them know they are doing a good job, since they only clean rooms door to door its good for management to come by and compliment them at times. Self actualization-Giving them more challenges, giving someone leadership and being involved in a part of management. So then the head of housekeeping can receive more responsibility. And the same goes Frederick Herzberg. If the motivation hygiene theory holds, management not only must provide hygiene factors to avoid dissatisfaction, but also must provide factors relating to the work itself in order for employees to be satisfied with their jobs. He believe that job enrichment for motivation is having sufficient challenges to utilize the full ability of the employee, giving them increasing levels of responsibility or even if a job cannot use the full abilities of an employee, then the firm should consider a task or replacing the employee with one who has a low level of skills. Nearly the same as David McClelland who took the needs of motivation and expanded them further, his needs allows for the shaping of a person's needs. ...read more.


Businesses have used awards, incentives and recognition schemes to encourage improved performances. Employees will then set out a goal to achieve to receive them incentives. If management can see that an employee is doing well, producing at a high level and is always motivated, they can be promoted. Some employees have a trial period so if they do their outmost best they can get the opportunity to work for the company in long term. This is measuring and managing by the competence that the employee has, like this employers must be prepared to invest in that individual. Like this they can make competence level for the staff and make adjustment to the future training process as necessary. The employees have an important role in working for a company. They have to work to the best of their ability as the place was like their second home. If an employee has a problem with a situation on the job, it is the company role to be supportive to them. This will increase the loyalty of the staff working in the company. Employee development is the final area to look at when considering employee performance and monitoring. If employees want a change in department in the company, they should do courses so it can help them to develop and improve on their job performance. Is the same as job rotation by having more workload done. Giving your employees career breaks is a good way for them to function more effectively at work. So by giving them a break to develop themselves personally can take the form of stress or time management training. Those above indicators provide information on the outcomes of our actions, because they measure the outcomes that have resulted from past actions. It also indicates information about the current situation that may affect future performances. The reason for measuring and managing employee developments can help identify the main threats to the future performances and opportunities for improvement and actions that can be taken to remove threats or develop opportunities. ?? ?? ?? ?? UNIT 16 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT IN BUSINESS M1, M2, M3 ...read more.

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