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AO1 North America Lake Tahoe

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AO1 - North America - Lake Tahoe For our second Part of A01 I was set the task of researching a North American Holiday destination. For my Destination I chose to research Lake Tahoe in California and Nevada. California and Nevada are located are both states in the United States of America. The USA is in North America and is made up of different states, there are 50 states in the USA the capital city of the USA is Washington DC, which is in the state of Washington. California and Nevada are located on the West of America is in the west of the USA, California being located on the Pacific Ocean and Nevada being located slightly inland. California is the third largest state in the USA with an area of 116,000 miles squared. The USA has a population of 301,139,947. With California having 37,700,000 of that, the most populated state by over 13 million people. ...read more.


It is the third deepest lake in North America and the tenth deepest lake in the world. Lake Tahoe is 22 miles in length and 12 miles in width and covers a surface area of 191 square miles. The shoreline is 71 miles, with the California shoreline being 42 miles and the Nevada shoreline being 29 miles. Sixty-three streams flow into Lake Tahoe, but the Truckee River is the only one that flows out, past Reno and into Pyramid Lake. The maximum depth is 1,645 feet, near Crystal Bay, and the average depth is 989 feet. Approximately two-thirds of the entire lake is in the Californian side, but the Nevadan side has a large population. The south shore is dominated by the lake's largest city South Lake Tahoe which is in California. The population of the city is 24000 and the majority of the city is set up for tourism, with T-shirt shops, restaurants, hotels, and the Heavenly Ski Resort with the Nevada casinos just across the state line in Nevada. ...read more.


Water from the snowfall and streams gradually filled the Lake Tahoe Basin. As the water levels rose they eroded an outlet through the rock and created the Lower Truckee River, the only outlet of the lake. This is a Map of North America California (CA) and Nevada (NE) are both on the West Coast of America. They are about halfway up the western Coast of America but California runs all the way down the coast to Arizona (AZ). Map of California and Nevada This map shows the states of California and Nevada more clearly. From this map it is easy to see that California is on the western coast of America and borders The Pacific Ocean. Also from the map we can see that California is located below Oregon and above Arizona, whereas Nevada borders Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona and California. From this map we can clearly see that Lake Tahoe is positioned over the state line but its majority is in California. Source: www.maps.google.co.uk ?? ?? ?? ?? Matt Gunnell Page 1 10/28/2009 ...read more.

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