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applied business unit 3 coursework

Extracts from this document...


Section A Introduction I currently work for Charles Williams who is the owner of FILK-A-FLAG UK. He has a new product that he is ready to sell but he is unsure of the way that he should market his product. My task is to produce a marketing plan for Charles Williams that will include: - A clear explanation of the marketing objectives, segmentation and target market - Comprehensive research by collecting data from a wide range of sources - Comprehensive marketing mix - Clear evaluation of the marketing mix I will be doing a marketing plan of the Flik-a-Flag Products. The Flik-a-Flag is a unique flag which has been designed and made by Mr Chris Williams and Charlie Williams (the company directors). Flick UK Ltd is proud to announce that their new product, Flikaflag, has received an excellent reception and positive evaluation by the England Football Association. (18 July 2003). It is seen as an extremely attractive fan product for new club revenue streams. The patented roll-up flagpole has undergone stringent testing. The product is really handy and could be taken literally everywhere, as the Flik-A-Flag is uniquely designed to fit in your pocket! The Flik-A-Flag: As you can see from the pictures above the Flikaflag is very useful as its small so it doesn't take up much space and when it is rolled out (Flicked) into a Flag it is a good sized flag with a straight flagpole, what more could you want from a flag! The flag will be sold in many different places and events such as football, the Tour De France, Eurovision etc. Segmentation Segmentation is breaking a total market down into groups of customers and/or potential customers who have something significant in common in terms of their needs and wants or characteristics. Psychographic Segmentation - A breakdown of customers according to different characteristics Demographic Segmentation - grouping consumers on the basis of one or more demographic factors Geographic Segmentation - grouping customers in terms of their geographic location (www.google.com) ...read more.


So generally speaking 86% of people are likely buy a football flag. Question 6: As this question only applied to the people that like football, it means that all off the people which part in this question are potential customers, but what flikeflag Ltd is looking for is whether they should sell their product at the games as well as high street stores and the through the internet. As you can see 38% of these people do go to games, this indicates that selling the flags at the games should be undertaken, in fact selling the flags at the games is probably the best way to market the product as that's the most likely place they would use it, no one would really think of buying a football flag when there at home or out shopping. 38% may seem like a little amount as it is the minority but in fact it isn't as 38% of the people that like football is hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of people. Question 7: This Graph shows how often the people who go to football actually go. The majority of these people go to games every month, this can be seen as a good thing as one week you will get customers buying the flag then the next week, their will be lots of different fans which didn't buy the flag the week before as they may not of went to football that week, where as if the majority went every week then their will not be a continuous flow of customers where they may have bought a flag when they wanted one them they will keep that flag for every game they go to. The next thing which flikaflag Ltd was going to consider is selling their flags at away games, but as their was a very small percentage which went to every game (home and away) ...read more.


PEST Analysis A PEST analysis is a technique for structuring an environmental analysis by identifying the Political, Economic, Social and Technological dimensions of the operating environment. Political Economic UK interest rates trimmed to 5.5% The Bank of England has cut UK interest rates to 5.5% from 5.75% amid signs that the economy is slowing. (http://news.bbc.co.uk) Two sides of the euro coin The euro continues to strengthen as the pound sterling weakens. The European currency is up 15% against the pound since July. So what does this mean for the thousands of UK firms doing business inside the eurozone? The BBC asked two UK firms - one importer and one exporter - to explain how the weaker pound is affecting them.. THE IMPORTER: SIMON STAPLES, BERRY BROTHERS AND RUDD Berry Brothers and Rudd buy wine from the euro zone Berry Brothers and Rudd is Britain's oldest wine merchant, importing much of their wine from France. The company says the change in the exchange rate means everything they buy will be 10% to 15% more expensive. It is a crucial time for them as one of the UK's biggest importers of high-end Bordeaux wine. Next week they will travel to the wine-making region to order bottles of last year's harvest which they will pay for in euros. (http://news.bbc.co.uk) Social Technological For each environmental factor: Find articles that back up or criticise your marketing plan SWOT Cost - raw materials Staff - students to work! As part time, cheaper labour - fined articles Time - more time training = profit maxumisation Economic- Socio economic group Disposable income levels - affordability?? Oil prices Western society becoming more ethically aware - make sure flikaflag product is ethically friendly, promote ethical friendly through product Digital, technology advancement - digital radio now s www.google.com Page 2 www.millwallfc.premiumtv.co.uk/page/Statistics/0,,10367,00.html Page 3 www.cpfc.premiumtv.co.uk/page/Statistics/0,,10323,00.html Page 3 www.evaluateit.org/glossary/ Page 4 www.nymir.org/zoning/Glossary.html Page 4 www.booksites.net/download/chadwickbeech/Glossary.htm Page 4 www.sportingkicks.co.uk/shop.php3?f=c&catid=8&teamid=83 Page 5 ?? ?? ?? ?? Christopher Creech Applied A Level Business Studies: Unit 3 Year 12 1 ...read more.

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