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BTEC Business. Marketing in different types of businesses.

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Unit 3: Introduction to Marketing Assignment 1: P1 Marketing is the act of publicising products and offers to customers to get them to want to buy it; this could be via the television, a poster or radio. Marketing always has the customer at the centre of its activities and wants to build customer relationships in order to keep them coming back. Another definition of marketing is the actual action of selling an item or service to customers, like in a retail shop for example. John Lewis' aim: serving customers with flair and fairness. John Lewis' marketing strategies support this by advertising a wide option of customer services on the website including; FAQ's, Delivery problems, New Customer Registration, Orders and Returns, Gift Vouchers and Discounts and much more. Oxfam's aim: to work with others to overcome poverty and suffering. Oxfam's marketing strategies support this by displaying adverts on television about how you can donate in almost any way and showing emotional real life stories that encourage you to donate. ...read more.


This type of sponsored link marketing is worth while as it boosts your company to the top of the search listing however you do have to pay for every click. Voluntary Sector In the voluntary sector marketing is used by online websites where you can apply for a cause online, 'www.ncvo-vol.org.uk' is a good example. They can also sponsor certain TV programmes to gain awareness and encourage people to volunteer, this does however cost a lot and would need financial backing. A better way to market the voluntary sector, without investing a lot of money, is to hand out flyers or, even cheaper but time costly, go door knocking and talk to people about their organisation and whether they would be interested in becoming a volunteer. A decent example of a voluntary organisation is Oxfam who have volunteers that help out in crisis situations and help third world countries, they use marketing by advertising on television about the situation in third world countries. ...read more.


Asda is a good example of a company that has used marketing to keep ahead of their competitors. They use TV advertisements that last at least 30 seconds and take results from 'www.moneysupermarket.com' that compare their deals on every day items and show the public that they have x amount of deals better than Tescos, Morrisons and Sainsburys. This will encourage people to shop at Asda as they know that they have better deals and that they will get more for their money. Another aspect that marketing has helped in business is the ability to utilise new technology. This is the progression from having to write from hand to each of their customers and then having to actually post the item to their letter box to simply writing one email and sending it electronically to their consumers' computer. This advance in technology has made marketing so much easier and a lot faster, an example of a company that has utilised new technology for marketing purposes is River Island who have created a mailing list for consumers to sign up to, this way they get their information out to people who are interested and is not considered as spam. ...read more.

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